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(genetics) a large vector that is made from a bacteriophage and used to clone genes or gene fragments

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The genes are found on a single region of the LB400 chromosome and were originally cloned into a broad host-range cosmid (pGEM410).
The goals of this project are: (1) to create a cosmid genomic library of the red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, (2) to clone and characterize genes involved in skeletal muscle growth of the crayfish, and (3) to identify genetic markers in the crayfish genome that can potentially be used in the selection of individuals with economically desirable traits.
The development at Oncor of a Her-2/neu cosmid clone suitable for fluorescence in situ hybridization is an important new development.
Created with DNA from a bacteriophage (a virus that infectsbacteria) combined with genetic material called a cosmid from the common bacterium Escherichia coli, the shuttle phasmid can infect mycobacteria and grow in E.
Construction of a 350-kb sequence-ready 11q13 cosmid contig encompassing the markers D11S4933 and D11S546: mapping of 11 genes and 3 tumor-associated translocation breakpoints.
The complete nucleotide sequence of pO113 from EH41 was determined from a series of overlapping 30-40 kb fragments cloned into the Copy Control pCC1FOS cosmid vector (Epicentre, Madison, WI, USA) and propagated in E.
erythraea was derived from 256 canonically ordered cosmid clones representing a circular genome of 8.
A strategy for high-volume sequencing of cosmid DNAs: random and direct priming with a library of oligonucleotides.
Direct carrier detection by in situ suppression hybridization with cosmid clones of the Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy locus.
The positions of the CMT1A-REP sequences were confirmed on the BAC clones using sequences of the cosmid clone c74F4 for the proximal CMT1A-REP (17) and c15H12 for the distal CMT1A-REP sequence (31).