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Synonyms for cosmic

Synonyms for cosmic

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

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inconceivably extended in space or time

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More cosmically, he's like one of the gods of ancient Greece, directing the action on Earth from his catwalk on Mount Olympus, his motivation being simple amusement at human foibles.
The first two, which he had made while he was working on his dissertation, had been successful, but that didn't keep him from feeling cosmically aggrieved now, as if the elements of the universe were allying themselves against his career.
39) In order to distinguish his concept of law from the Thomist and neo-scholastic concept of natural law, with the corresponding idea of a teleological order, Dooyeweerd originated the idea of the fifteen modal aspects that cosmically constitute the spheres.
Subsequently, they set out on their healing mission of afforestation to restore the cosmically wounded body of Christ.
Life forms that can organise themselves into civilisations capable of broadcasting signals or travelling beyond the delicate envelope of their own planetary atmosphere are likely to do so only for a very short time, geologically and cosmically speaking.
Answers on page 74 The List Movie-character racehorses Axel Foley Police detective (Beverly Hills Cop)/5yo formerly with John Best Duffy Moon Cosmically aware sixth-grader (The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon)/Charlie Morlock 7yo Ernst Blofeld Supervillain (James Bond)/Donald McCain 7yo Jedi Fictional beings (Star Wars)/5yo formerly with Stoute, now in Dubai Kaiser So Say Underworld kingpin (The Usual Suspects)/Andrew Heffernan 6yo Miss Moneypenni Right-hand woman (James Bond)/Nick Littmoden 3yo Withnail - Dissolute (Withnail And I)/David Marnane 7yo My favourite.
It's like an angel crying through a strainer made out of a fit elf maiden's eyelashes, but, just as you think it's all getting a bit too flowery, Prince and The Revolution drop a tidy middle eight and your funk is righteously and cosmically sent to electric heaven.
They are just cosmically there Winter, spring, summer and autumn.
Canvassed here is the implication of an expansive platonic love, cosmically co-extensive with Christian love but preceding it as a historical paradigm.
Despite humanity's topsy-turvy existence, the cosmically tuned with the universe Young concludes all these hardships and disappointment are all part of some divine plan.
The seeming paradise of southern Louisiana, resulting from cosmically dynamic interactions of ocean tides, wind, and river flows, has been morbidly upset by human greed.
Life is and always will be an existential ordeal of anguish in which pain alone produces growth in insight and faith, person by person; and not communally, culturally, or cosmically.
After 8 dimensions, the pattern of real geometric algebras repeats itself, leading to a recursive hexadecimal lattice - cosmically large expanding space-time with the Standard Model of physics at each lattice point.
The United States is widely, if not generally, viewed as a predatory power out for oil and control at best and as a cosmically evil predatory power at war with Islam at worst.
4) Given this, Bedke argues, it would be cosmically coincidental if the non-natural ethical facts just happened to fortuitously line up with these intuitions.