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an expert in the use of cosmetics

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Cosmetologists work mostly in salons, although some work in spas, hotels or resorts.
Once released from prison, the licensed cosmetologist may take her talents to the salons in the casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or travel to other states that have reciprocity with Mississippi, including Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia.
Milner said she wanted to be cosmetologist since she was 6 years old.
14 (ANI): An Indian cosmetologist and Thailand hair stylist got together to choreograph a magnificent fashion show in Guwahati on Friday.
Since practice is one of the best ways for a cosmetologist to learn, increase self-confidence and increase speed, Kentucky's Hazard Community & Technical College offers cosmetology services to the public at reduced rates.
Donations helped her cosmetologist owner pay for the $1,000 surgery, which removed the rocks -- actually, calcified lumps, one at least five inches in diameter and several smaller ones -- that were probably caused by dietary deficiencies and which were filling up her abdominal cavity and crowding her internal organs.
She immediately began investigating how to become a state licensed cosmetologist.
00, this innovative application allows subscribers to view current license information for any Alabama cosmetologist.
The Unique and Natural Facial Moisturizer is Custom Blended by a Highly-Experienced Cosmetologist
Patients will participate in a small group session facilitated by a licensed cosmetologist and will receive a makeup gift pack to take home.
Students may be allowed to acquire a certain percentage of those hours by working with a licensed cosmetologist.
However, the most talented cosmetologist may not be a good teacher without certain other qualities.
Cosmetologist Sharon Renaud offers full services, from haircuts for the men to shampoos and sets and perms for the women.
Still, she'd like to see every licensed cosmetologist try that particular service.