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Synonyms for cosmetic


Synonyms for cosmetic

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body

References in classic literature ?
The juice of the 'papa' root found in great abundance at the head of the valley, is held in great esteem as a cosmetic, with which many of the females daily anoint their whole person.
Nothing, therefore, can be imagined more singular than the appearance of these nearly naked damsels immediately after the application of the cosmetic.
Chinese consumers still prefer Korean cosmetics despite the Chinese government's retaliatory measures against Korean products over the deployment of a U.
This vast range of cosmetic chemicals allows business cosmetics to deliver different types of cosmetics in the market, thereby offering a vibrant market to cosmetic industries.
The theme of the Congress is "Innovation & Responsibility: Cosmetics Forever," according to AAQC.
Jessica decided to raise awareness about cosmetics safety.
Since cosmetics are not subject to Federal Drug Administration premarket approval, mandatory establishment registration, or ingredient reporting, Wilson-Worst was ready to introduce her products to the world in 2006.
Our goal is to ban the use of potentially harmful chemicals in cosmetics and personal-care products.
The $35 billion cosmetics industry has successfully found loopholes in the alphabet soup of government agencies--the FDA, EPA, OSHA--and its own self-monitored Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), allowing for an abundance of toxic products like nail polish, acrylics and disinfectants to still be used today.
Who is regulating the cosmetics and personal-care industry and looking out for consumer safety?
AFTER the US, Japan is the second largest market for cosmetics in the world, a market worth about [yen]1.
Cosmetics manufacturers are starting to market cosmetics for men, believing that the economic recovery will encourage men to ''invest'' in their faces.
Century 21, has just opened its first full-line cosmetics department in the Bayridge, Brooklyn store as part of its major renovation and expansion of the 105,000-SF facility with all the interior design by Horst Design International (HDI), Cold Spring Harbor, NY.
based Environmental Working Group (EWG), warned that women of reproductive age should avoid cosmetics containing dibutyl phthalate (DBP), a compound commonly used in nail polish and other beauty products.
She has expanded my earlier account of the cosmetic industry, especially in researching and including sources on the use of cosmetics by African American and immigrant women and on their roles and behaviors, as cosmetic entrepreneurs (whether Anglo or ethnic) in promoting their products, often utilizing women's networks in clubs and churches, in visiting and conversation klatches, in shopping and attending plays.