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A growing, seedy underground of unlicensed cosmeticians are taking advantage of plastic surgery's huge appeal in Lebanon, preying on people looking for a shortcut to surgically enhanced beauty, experts said Thursday as a group of medical organizations launched an initiative to try and roll back the growing illicit industry.
Kaoru Hasuike, 20, a college student and Yukiko Okudo, 22, a cosmetician.
Hasuike, a college student, and Okudo, a cosmetician, vanished in Niigata Prefecture's Kashiwazaki on July 31, 1978, after they told relatives and colleagues separately they were going to meet each other on a date.
She works at Swiss Re Life and Health Canada as a desktop publisher and at home as a part-time cosmetician.
This is a true breakthrough in the art and science of cosmetics," says Dominique Mammone, daughter of Eye Majic[TM] Instant Eye Shadow inventor, Rocky Mammone, who created the innovative product when his cosmetician wife noticed that many women wanted the drama of beautiful eyes but couldn't afford the time or expense of a professional makeup artist.
She worked as a cosmetician and make up artist at the former Filene's Department Store for over 25 years, retiring in 1998.
She worked as a secretary, a cosmetician for a department store in Sacramento, a pharmacy technician at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene for 12 years and as a certified nursing assistant.
Never a fan of foundation and powder, the Texas-based cosmetician found herself looking at an industry trade show for answers.
When I grow up I want to be an aesthetic cosmetician like Val so I can help people like me and get people to see past the stain.
Two years ago, the cosmetician found out that the Woodland Hills hair salon where she subleased a space for 15 years was secretly used as the set for an internationally-distributed porn flick called ``Ms.
Even ordinary citizens, when they discover you're a critic, respond as they would to a mortuary cosmetician - vaguely repelled by what you do, yet infinitely curious as to how you came to be doing it.
Each cosmetician has an average of 15 customers per day: women of all ages, both Lebanese and foreigners.
She worked as a cosmetician at Meier & Frank in Salem for more than 20 years.
In the mid-1980s, a number of grocery chains decided to expand their beauty category selection, some going so far as to devote a service counter, with a dedicated cosmetician, to the category.
She is a former owner of Manley Administrative Services, was a beautician and cosmetician, and worked for McKenzie Orthopedic Group.