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Synonyms for cosmetic


Synonyms for cosmetic

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body

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On the other hand if you don't normally wear glasses but like the appeal of these cosmetically discreet hearing aids there is a complete range of modern mens and ladies designs with plain glass lens for you to choose from.
As always, extreme makeover or not, if you're not happy with who you are on the inside, cosmetically changing the outside will never make up for it.
Harris says the pair joined forces after seeing "a neglect and lack of support in cosmetically treating people of color.
Cosmetically, it can be injected into the muscles around the brow or eye area.
Circumoral scars may be cosmetically acceptable because they are located in the nasolabial and mental creases.
That cosmetically enhanced and immaculately coiffured Guest,right , is the spitting image of the bisexual Hollywood director Vincent Minnelli,aka Liza's father.
Another new launch is a cosmetically enhanced version of the company's workhorse Duraliner HDPE bedliner.
Early Romans used belladonna to contaminate enemies' food reserves and perhaps to get in the mood for bacchanalian orgies; women used it cosmetically to dilate their pupils (hence the Italian name "bella donna" for "beautiful woman").
It seems to refer to the stark realities of what becomes of a cosmetically constructed world, reciprocated by the city and its system of facades, and what happens when such facades collapse.
As President Bush makes increasingly clear, his environmental philosophy differs only cosmetically from his predecessor's and from that of UN globocrats eager to seize on environmentalist hysteria as a pretext for more international socialism.
The system includes a remote control that fits on a key chain and has a Velcro strap for customized mounting, an electric strike locking mechanism that allows the door to be locked at all times, a door operation system with a cosmetically appealing cover and a plug-in transformer that provides power to the system.
These tiny purplish veins can occur on any part of the body, but are most troublesome cosmetically on the face and lower legs.
The wraps might also become a new market for cosmetically unacceptable produce, she adds.
Uninhabited yet hardly melancholy, her details of stairways and corridors, armchairs and bathroom corners, all highlight vivid colors: the red of velvet fabric covers, the green of hallway runners, the absolute white of porcelain sinks, the unexpected sugary pink of cosmetically enhanced water pipes.
It can be cosmetically constructed or reconstructed, but this doesn't change the fact that though some people are born hermaphrodites, the vast majority of people are born male or female.