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a state of warm snug comfort

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Introducing copper into your home will carry on the feeling of warmth and cosiness
Despite the potentially chocolate-box Derbyshire setting, Steve Edge and Matt King (Peep Show's legendary Super Hans), who play uncles Fergie and Loz, do an excellent job of keeping the Starlings real enough so they don't sink into the comedy quicksand of cosiness.
NEW TRICKS BBC1, 9pm Don't be fooled by the detective drama's jaunty theme tune and somewhat unfair reputation for cosiness - what with James Bolam's departure, and news that Alun Armstrong and Amanda Redman will soon be following, New Tricks fans have been feeling unsettled of late.
In cherry red with curved styling and a swivel action, the Philina has just enough room for two to snuggle up on and a mountain of printed scatter cushions for added cosiness.
The redesigned shop adds an extra dash of elegance and cosiness to assure a memorable experience for visitors.
On the other hand, the contraceptive could benefit those preferring cosiness to passion, the research claimed.
Summary: Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has said the cosiness of the coalition is over and there will be battles ahead.
18/20 ATMOSPHERE: There's a cosiness provided by the basement-like low brick wall ceilings and wooden beams and a calm, tranquility which comes with it.
With styles and designs to suit all tastes and interiors, Dimplex's electric fires not only create a wonderful feeling of comfort and cosiness, but also look great and are easy to use.
But cracks in their cosiness appear when thereOs a cancer diagnosis, the children do battle I and Mary is attracted to an arrogant hospital doc.
If you want to meet local people, there are "Dine with the Danes" programs that introduce visitors not only to Danish cuisine but also to the Danish custom of "hygge" or cosiness.
THE GEORGE, RYE, EAST SUSSEX WHERE AND WHY A historic old building in the heart of Rye that combines the cosiness of a gastropub with the opulence of a boutique hotel.
The outfit is broken up with a maroon snood which is perfect for added warmth and cosiness at this time of year.
And for the more experienced it reminds us that beneath VW's pastoral cosiness there are often very dark forces.