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ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

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CoSine has also adopted a Rights Agreement to deter acquisitions of 5% or more of CoSine's common stock (subject to certain exceptions) by any group or person.
COO of Cosine, Jacqui Sheldon explained how this service has progressed from traditional auditing: "We're really passionate about Audit CP and the opportunity to work with manufacturers and retailers, providing them with a complete and impartial picture of the real space they have in stores, compared to what they think they have.
For horizontal shooting, the cosine of the angle (0 deg) is 1.
The condition of 100% collection of protons is very important as the average cosines for the a and B correlation coefficients will be equal to zero in this case.
Research question 3 asks: Can the LSA cosine ranges be evaluative--indicating strong, medium, weak or minimal levels?
The collective weight, expertise, connections and guidance of these professional firms has propelled CoSine to rarefied air.
The CoSine Development Kit includes a VHDL wrapper with well defined interfaces, extensive VHDL test benches and host system diagnostics in C for complete verification of custom User Programmable Logic (UPL) implementations.
Nothing contained in this press release shall be deemed to be a forecast, projection or estimate of the future financial performance of CoSine except where expressly stated.
The Angle Cosine Indicator is rugged, silent in use, requires no batteries, and is unaffected by weather conditions.
While printing with carbon fiber was publicized by Cincinnati's BAAM machine, Cosine is the 1 [sup.
The demonstration will include full memory-to-memory transfers over a Serial RapidIO x4 backplane between CoSine and an endpoint from Mercury Computers.
For the six months ended June 30, 2015, CoSine had a net loss of $1,503,000, or $(0.
CoSine is a highly integrated, completely preconfigured System-on-Chip for real-time FPGA-based signal processing.
com) today announced CoSine, a highly-integrated, completely preconfigured System-on-Chip for real-time FPGA-based signal processing.