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Synonyms for cosh

a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle


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hit with a cosh, usually on the head

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Det Con Grundy said: "From watching the video footage, we believe the victim was hit several times with an extendible metal cosh, and is likely to have suffered some quite nasty injuries.
From small beginnings COSH has become a remarkable hospital in a remote and impoverished part of KwaZulu-Natal.
p, q](t)/[partial derivative]t = 2q cosh(1 + 2q)t + 2qt(1 + 2q)sinh(2q + 1)t - 6q cosh t/-[p.
With ADHD affecting around three to five children per 100, we must embrace solutions other than a chemical cosh.
In another incident a cosh was recovered from a car stopped on the A177 at Thorpe Thewles, near Stockton.
Cosh is a board-certified family physician, a Fellow in the American Academy of Family Physicians, and a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (Ret), with over four decades of family practice experience.
Pauchay's lawyer is the idea behind a sentencing circle is that the accused is supposed to confront the people he's wronged," said Cosh.
We were under the cosh against Tonga and had to weather the storm.
As The National Post's Colby Cosh put it two weeks after the Katrina debacle, "the 49 percent of Americans who have been complaining for five years about George W.
Cosh provides the first comprehensive history since 1811 and a wide range of period illustrations and photographs.
Distillery had more chances but were under the cosh for the last few minutes after Michael Ferguson was sent off.
Despite being under the cosh for much of the second half, Northampton collected their fourth success of the season to the satisfaction of Broadhurst.
A terrified man heard gunshots after leaving a club and was attacked by a National Front supporter with a cosh.
They could enjoy better prices given the overall EU supply picture, after being under the cosh during the past two years.