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being where earthquake waves arrive simultaneously


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InSAR-Derived Coseismic Deformation of the 2010 Southeastern Iran Earthquake (M6.
This book examines the ways in which systematic study of earthquake surface faulting, coseismic liquefaction, tsunami deposits, and other primary and secondary ground effects can be integrated with traditional seismological and tectonic information to provide a better understanding of the seismicity level of an area and the associated hazards.
Applying a technique called SAR Interferometry (InSAR) on the data, the researchers produced a set of 'interferogram' images covering the entire coseismic rupture region and its vicinity.
In addition, some rapid, coseismic groundwater level changes have been interpreted to alter fracture blockages at significant distances from the seismic focus (Brodsky et al.
After the earthquake, the coseismic risk of fill, particularly of valley fill started to be pointed out.