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being where earthquake waves arrive simultaneously


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Southern California permanent GPS geodetic array: Spatial filtering of daily positions for estimating coseismic and postseismic displacements induced by the 1992 Landers earthquake.
This asperity model has been proposed for areas in which geodetic measurements indicate a large coseismic slip and are characterized by low seismicity with long interseismic periods.
2010) Electromagnetic coseismic effect associated with aftershock of Wenchuan Ms 8.
We propose that the bending moment and coseismic stress relaxation can explain the formation of secondary normal faults on the hanging wall of the thrust fault.
This book examines the ways in which systematic study of earthquake surface faulting, coseismic liquefaction, tsunami deposits, and other primary and secondary ground effects can be integrated with traditional seismological and tectonic information to provide a better understanding of the seismicity level of an area and the associated hazards.
Coseismic and Quaternary Vertical Tectonic Movements, Santo and Malekula, New Hebrides Arc.
Applying a technique called SAR Interferometry (InSAR) on the data, the researchers produced a set of 'interferogram' images covering the entire coseismic rupture region and its vicinity.
And by assigning various material properties to the different regions, he can recreate the displacement and pore pressure of the coseismic (during a quake) response.
Alluvial debris fan of El Palon: Coseismic evidence of vulnerability high level at the Chama River[acute accent]s basin, Merida State-Venezuela
In addition, some rapid, coseismic groundwater level changes have been interpreted to alter fracture blockages at significant distances from the seismic focus (Brodsky et al.
After the earthquake, the coseismic risk of fill, particularly of valley fill started to be pointed out.
On the derivation of coseismic displacement fields using differential radar interferometry: The Landers earthquake".
Ecological consequences of coseismic uplift on the intertidal kelp beds of Lessonia nigrescens in central Chile.
Retest results for seismic expedition levels further showed that the ratio of coseismic vertical displacement between the fault's upper and lower plates was as high as 8:1 (Wang et al.