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large white South American bird intermediate in some respects between ducks and swans

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Like many animals that pair for life, swans need a period of mourning when they lose of a mate, and after three years of solitude, Mrs Coscoroba had shown signs of pining for another beau.
The Coscoroba swan makes a sound like its name, while the Whistling ducks do just that to the surprise and enjoyment of visiting youngsters.
Black-necked swans, coots, ducks, white-necked herons, white-faced ibis, coscoroba swans, snowy-crowned terns, and osprey are among the many species that have found shelter in the wetlands.
Len Lungo withdrew a couple of horses who were unsuited by the ground, but there were no such worries with Flying Bold, who was retained without a bid after scrambling home from Coscoroba in the selling hurdle.
0) can get us off to a flier while Peter Monteith, currently blighted with seconditis, can make it a tartan double with Coscoroba (8.