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Isolation of coryneform bacteria from the ulcer may represent colonization rather than true infection, and the absence of the organism on the initial Gram-stained slides may support contamination.
Fibrinolytic activity in mono- and mixed cultures of coryneform bacteria.
The focus of the collaboration between the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Bruker is the field of coryneform bacteria, actinomycetes, fastidious gram negative bacteria and moulds.
From a public health perspective, diphtheria is the most critical human disease attributed to coryneform bacteria (3).
One interesting discovery that we made by using DNA-based detection was that Alloiococcus otitidis is extremely common in healthy ear canals; only Turicella otitidis and Coryneform bacteria are more common.
Coyle MB, Lipsky BA: Coryneform bacteria in infectious diseases: clinical and laboratory aspects.
Implant infection and oropharyngeal carriage in ferrets potentially represent additional zoonotic sources of this organism, underscoring the need for accurate and complete characterization of coryneform bacteria.
Finally, a new real-time PCR with TaqMan probe (Applied Biosystems, Courtaboeuf, France) was developed and used in a retrospective analysis to detect these coryneform bacteria in our population with CF.
They have been observed in human specimens, and many new taxa of coryneform bacteria have been described (3).
Since Lehmann and Neumann proposed in 1896 that bacteria morphologically resembling the diphtheria bacillus be incorporated with it into the genus Corynebacterium, the classification of the coryneform bacteria has been drastically altered (8).