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a highly maneuverable escort warship

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Many of the performance components are derived from a new portfolio of Corvette Z06-based parts from Chevrolet.
Since the event's inception, the Corvette Chevy Expo has served as the venue to bring Chevrolet automotive parts and accessories, apparel and memorabilia to the Chevrolet enthusiasts," said Bill Wolf, Corvette Chevy Expo president.
After the order is submitted, personnel from the National Corvette Museum will handle concierge services for the customer, following up on the scheduled build date and handling logistics on the day of the build.
The three Corvettes that are due for repair include the 2009 ZR1 prototype, the one-millionth Corvette ever built and a 1962 model.
The vehicles at the National Corvette Museum are some of the most significant in automotive history," says Mark Reuss, executive vice president of General Motors Global Product Development in the statement.
Watch the Security Camara footage swallowing the cars, released by National Corvette Museum below:
The Corvette exemplifies a true sports car - simply cool and exciting, traits that have been underlined by its image in pop culture.
Besides being an exotic choice for the early Fifties and having an undeniable weight advantage, fiberglass offered an economical way to create the low-volume Corvette without the expense of large sheet metal stamping dies.
It's rare that a next-generation model of any vehicle is lighter than its predecessor, but that was the case with the fifth-generation (C5) Corvette in 1997.
The Centennial Edition Corvette features a sleek black color scheme, unique design elements and Corvette's trademark sports car technology.
At Merseyside Maritime Museum's Battle of the Atlantic gallery there is a limited edition print showing HMCS Owen Sound 1943-5 - a revised Flower class corvette of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).
Currently, the combined global corvette fleet includes a hotchpotch of European, Russian and homegrown designs.
With the formation of the Oman Corvette Club (OCC) that is all set to change.
ALMOST pounds 10,000 has been lopped off the price of the limited-edition Corvette in a bid to shift the last remaining stocks.