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unpaid labor (as for the maintenance of roads) required by a lord of his vassals in lieu of taxes

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After Saina brushed aside the challenge of Sabrina Jaquet in straight games and Praneeth survived a scare from Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Srikanth steamrolled France's Lucas Corvee to keep India in the hunt for a medal.
Glasgow [Scotland], Aug 23 ( ANI ): Ace Indian shuttler Kidambi Srikanth produced a rich vein of form as he crushed Lucas Corvee of France in straight games to storm into the third round of the World Badminton Championships here on Wednesday.
The autobiographical reliability of Marinetti's narration must again be put into question: Boccioni states that he avoided the corvee.
Le Corvee explains that UltraMaterials formulations are all based on amorphous polymers with novel, modified chemistries.
While the great majority of these lower-class commoners did not leave behind tomb inscriptions or detailed entries in history books, we are fortunate to find among the famous Dunhuang trove of ancient documents and the more recent tomb discoveries in Turfan Fit several dated government registers of households, tax collection, and corvee labor in northwest Tang China.
Travaillant de corvee chez le Pharaon, ensuite le khedive, le roi ou le seigneur, ces miserables cultivateurs tiraient quelques revenus.
Could it be that David's sin was the taking a census for corvee (unpaid labor) when preparations were in hand to build the Temple and other royal structures?
Moreover, he adds, the Fellahs were allowed rest periods, and that if they wanted to work more hours per day they could shorten their corvee, their month-long period of forced labor (66-68).
It concludes that there were large national temples in the 1300s-1400s, corvee work in fields for the chiefs in the 1300s, and famed royal centers with elite housing in the 1400s-]500s.
La derniere partie revient sur la reception des travaux de McLuhan en Europe et sur l'engouement suscite au Canada dont Pare herite: <<de la corvee des interviews avec les medias de langue francaise: radio, television, journaux et magazines, en plus d'ateliers et d'articles>> (p.
According to Scott, for thousands of years, state structures have entailed high costs for their populations, either extracting resources in the form of taxation, slavery, corvee labor, and conscription, or imposing the onerous risks of tyranny, warfare, and epidemics.
Hutchinson has only just picked up the pace after fracturing two vertebrae last season and the substitute success on Le Corvee was fitting as Hutchinson had recommended the nine-year-old to owner/trainer Tony Carroll when he was sold out of Alan King's yard.
I 2010: Le Corvee 8 8 6, K Fox(5) 5-1 (A Carroll), drawn (bETTING: 13-8 Aine's Delight, 5-2 Galiotto, 6 Barbirolli, Kieren, 14 Lucky Diva, 16 Illuminative, 20 Drawback, Press But this belt-tightening comes in the wake of closures in recent years to council-run homes, the cutting of 10 33 wORTH 31 B Meehan 8-2010: No corresponding race.
When the burdens of taxation, corvee labour, conscription, war, raids and slavery became too heavy, there was always the possibility of escaping to the hills where not only the state could be held at a distance but also where the epidemics rampant in the crowded valleys could be avoided.