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unpaid labor (as for the maintenance of roads) required by a lord of his vassals in lieu of taxes

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Le Corvee explains that UltraMaterials formulations are all based on amorphous polymers with novel, modified chemistries.
This whopper was likely necessitated by the Tang government rule that the post of zhiyi, "valet" (a reduced form of corvee service), can only be filled by a zhongnan, "male adolescent.
Egalement, comme nous l'avons deja evoque, les autorites civiles communales, municipales et ecclesiastiques commandaient aux habitants de prendre part a la corvee communautaire, par exemple pour la refection de chemins et batiments publics, civils ou religieux.
Hutchinson has only just picked up the pace after fracturing two vertebrae last season and the substitute success on Le Corvee was fitting as Hutchinson had recommended the nine-year-old to owner/trainer Tony Carroll when he was sold out of Alan King's yard.
I 2010: Le Corvee 8 8 6, K Fox(5) 5-1 (A Carroll), drawn (bETTING: 13-8 Aine's Delight, 5-2 Galiotto, 6 Barbirolli, Kieren, 14 Lucky Diva, 16 Illuminative, 20 Drawback, Press But this belt-tightening comes in the wake of closures in recent years to council-run homes, the cutting of 10 33 wORTH 31 B Meehan 8-2010: No corresponding race.
Fei demonstrates that Nanjing citizens, led by an employee of the Nanjing Censorate, Ding Bin, campaigned to have the corvee system of labour obligations to the imperial administration, created for harnessing rural labour, to a fixed tax payment.
Living within the state meant, virtually by definition, taxes, conscription, corvee labor, and, for most, a condition of servitude; these conditions were at the core of the state's strategic and military advantages.
De Lesseps was quick to point out that British railway concessions in Egypt were built by corvee, and that the accusation was a political manoeuvre designed to stall the canal's progress.
There is A Royal Decree of Temple Privilege, which is a decree of the Fifth Dynasty Pharaoh, Nefer-iri-ka-Re (26th century BCE), freeing some from the corvee (Pritchard 1955:212).
His mount prevailed by a neck from Le Corvee after a thrilling battle from the last flight.
31) He also avoided wars and the conscription of corvee labor.
Puis, on plonge dans l'observation de la pleiade d'activites necessaires au bon fonctionnement de la communaute (des taches souvent banales et repetitives comme le repassage, la corvee de patates ou la couture), les moments de prieres ainsi que les episodes plus ludiques qui marquent les joumees des sceurs et ce, jusqu'a leur mort.
Landlords, fearing loss of corvee labor, called in warlords and Marava "club-men" from Ramnad to attack converts.
At the church corvee I use the "Echo" backpack, and still feel like the Dark Angel.
Their common people are trained in docility by the experience of corvee labour or mass levies, later tax levies, for the construction and maintenance of great public works, first the hydraulic works themselves, then all the roads, fortifications, temples, palaces, all ultimately preserving the great managerial bureaucracy itself.