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very hard mineral used as an abrasive

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3] and c-Cu, produced by PECS (pulsed electric current sintering), have been studied in [5] using reciprocating ball-on-flat method against corundum operated at 5 N.
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Other topics of the 466 papers include the design of past Olympic torches, plane processing of sapphire corundum crystals, an adaptive KLT algorithm for hand gesture tracking, and vibration analysis of high-speed railway slab tracks.
Namely original aluminum-magnesium-carbon is substituted for corundum castables in bottom lining, and a circuit lining bricks of aluminum-magnesium-carbon are added around permeable bricks and seating bricks so as to replace them.
In excess of 35,000 carats of corundum were recovered by 15 September 2012.
Bioaccessibility of arsenic bound to corundum using a simulated gastrointestinal system.
For example, sapphires and rubies are actually the same mineral, corundum.
examined 36 contaminated bentonite samples from 16 locations, applying the newly modified Rietveld refined program for quantitative phase analysis, using corundum as an internal standard.
Nanoscale inorganic particles include indium tin oxide, silica, zirconium, corundum, aluminum hydroxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and carbon black; particle sizes range from 4 to 1000 nm.
For example, ruby and sapphire chemically are similar, consisting of aluminum oxide--both am in the species corundum.
Calcined bauxite contains corundum as its principal component, mullite and a small amount of glassy phase.
Grinding using common type of abrasives (white electrocorundum-test 80) is compared with mixture of microcrystalline corundum and white electrocorundum (test 85) in 1:1 ratio.
For instance, Cleopatra's favourite stone was the emerald, Queen Victoria started wearing 'Jet' jewellery after the death of her husband, Helen of Troy is said to have worn star corundum, which is a powerful love charm.