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a cobwebby partial veil consisting of silky fibrils

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2]) y monoxido de carbono (CO), en un galpon avicola naturalmente ventilado durante la primera fase de vida de las aves durante el periodo de inverno y la influencia del nivel de aislamiento con cortinas sobre las concentraciones de N[H.
In their Team Dynamics-prepared Ford Lotus Cortina, they scythed their way through the field from 14th on the grid in the under two-litre touring car race.
There are 4,119 Ford Sierras, the Cortina replacement, still licensed of the 1.
The Morris 1000 estate was probably the most memorable, but on the launch of its new Consul Cortina in 1962 Ford took careful note of the popularity of the Moggie Countryman and launched its own take on the Great British woodie.
It was in 1962 that the Cortina first hit the road in response to the rising sales figures of other manufacturers, including BMC, and it certainly was a class act.
Cortinas, sent off at 3-1, never traded at any higher than his starting price on Betfair.
The Rheinische Post, Duesseldorf, Germany, has ordered a waterless-offset KBA Cortina press comprising four towers, five reelstands and two folders.
AN AVID fan of TV cop show Life on Mars has landed his dream car after buying the iconic Ford Cortina from the hit BBC series.
AS a young mechanic Ron Birch was delighted with his new Ford Cortina, and now, 39 years later, it is still his pride and joy.
Seguidamente se realizaron dos cortinas de prueba, utilizando las galerias de investigacion ubicadas en ambas margenes del sitio de presa.
Cortinas is purportedly claiming to fight--the staid programmers, the conservative censors, the Eurocentrically obsessed philanthropists, the trend-watching artistic directors, the demographic-hungry grantmakers, the corporate co-opters--all of whom combine to control the flow of marginalized voices into the cultural mainstream.
9 per cent of the UK new car sales market and in its best sales year ever, 1979, just under 194,000 Cortinas were sold in Britain.
En medio de la penumbra el cabo de la marina Leonardo Cortinas, de 21 anos de edad, busco ver senales del enemigo a medida que la nave de asalto anfibia USS Pepeliu que lo transportaba a el y sus companeros se acercaba a la playa.
This complex wraps around, and may be folded against, the Escambray Metamorphic Complex for at least 15 kilometres and extends through the Retiro, San Juan and Las Cortinas prospects.
For those brought up in the decade of flares, power cuts, Cavs and Cortinas, we bring you this week the Ford Mondeo Graphite five-door.