corticospinal tract

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any of the important motor nerves on each side of the central nervous system that run from the sensorimotor areas of the cortex through the brainstem to motor neurons of the cranial nerve nuclei and the ventral root of the spinal cord

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Wallerian degeneration in the corticospinal tract evaluated by diffusion tensor imaging correlates with motor deficit 30 days after middle cerebral artery ischemic stroke.
Another study noted projections to the contralateral motoneuronal nucleus of the forelimb muscles from the corticospinal tract on the side caudal to lower spinal cord injury in monkeys [15].
The I-wave is generated from the indirect activation of the corticospinal tract via synaptic activity.
Neuropathologic examination of FSP reveals axonal degeneration in the terminal portions of the spinal cord affecting corticospinal tracts and dorsal column fibers with little involvement of the spinocerebellar tracts.
A definitive study would require prospective imaging using stateof-the-art MRI techniques to quantitate damage to the ahPCG, the arm-hand premotor cortex, and the posterior PVWM in relation to the established trajectory of the corticospinal tract.
The fibers that decussate are called the lateral corticospinal tract or the lateral pyramidal tract.
He initiated work on motor function linked to the clinical work in neurology, especially work on the human corticospinal tract.
The MRI study conducted two months later, showed hyperintense signal along the corticospinal tract in the brain bilaterally with a cervical spine examination within normal limits.
Off-line processing of DT imaging data was performed to visualize the corticospinal tract (CST), superior longitudinal tract, corpus callosum fibers and uncinatus fascicule.
While we can not prove its causality, the relationship between ventricular and peduncular expansion indicates that ventricular expansion coincides with the size of the corticospinal tract in the midbrain.
The multiple-ROI method allows discrete visualization of known anatomic tracts that pass through high-branching areas, such as the corticospinal tract as it passes through the brainstem, at the expense of nonvisualization of any associated branching tracts.
One member of this family, EphA4, is involved in the development of one of the major descending pathways in the spinal cord--the corticospinal tract (CST).
The symptoms and signs that initially suggest MS include unilateral optic neuritis, bilateral internuclear opthalmoplegia, multifocal corticospinal tract signs, intention tremor, early bladder dysfunction, L'Hermitte's sign, Uhthoffs phenomenon (worsening of symptoms after exposure to heat or exertion), facial myokymia (spontaneous, undulating movements of the facial muscles), and the classic presentation of Charcot's Triad.
Inhibition of the corticospinal tract is generally thought to cause spasticity, but over the years it has been noted that there are many examples of corticospinal tract injuries where patients do not present with spasticity, but reduced tone.