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Gilbert of Rockefeller University in New York City used the same synapse-imaging technique to examine the gateway for visual information in the cortexes of two adult macaque monkeys for 2 weeks.
Oi still know me central cortexes from me medulla oblongata and the cerebellum.
Scientists hooked them up to machines that allowed them to see what was going on in their own rostral anterior cingulate cortexes.
HAND featured programs at Duke University, where researchers wired Macaque monkeys' motor cortexes to control computer cursors with their minds.
It is well known that animals whose cortexes have been removed for experimental purposes show a wide range of behavioral responses to noxious stimuli.
Functional MRI scans showed an increase in brain activity in their left temporo-parietal cortexes as well as in other regions of the brain not normally associated with phonological processing.
As a result, a bone with parallel cortexes appears slightly hourglass shaped.
But he pointed out that what their nervous systems were perceiving were patches of moving colors in their cortexes that they had learned to interpret.
Cortexes contain different numbers of mucilage cells, which may be randomly distributed or may develop at the base of the palisade cortex.
No differences were observed between the inferior frontal cortexes and occipital site.
When neural tissue from aborted mouse fetuses is grafted into the visual cortexes of kittens, or when human neural stem cells are transferred into the brains of mice, the foreign cells essentially go native.
Emotions, like sex, are something that we have in common with animals, who, having smaller cortexes than humans, rely more heavily than humans do on emotions to guide their actions.