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Synonyms for corslet

a piece of body armor for the trunk

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Such inattention to what is fitting caused Aurora Leigh to be lauded by writer and reformer Frances Power Cobbe, who said the poem "bears the relation to Psyche that a chiselled steel corslet does to a silk boddice with lace trimmings.
Proctor, 10 Corslet Crescent, Currie, Midlothian, EH14 5HS.
She kneels before him, and he gives her a sword and a corslet of mail, saying "Farewell, sister-daughter.
For here shall be hid both helm and sword; and to the ground be given golden corslet, and rich raiment and rings gleaming, wealth unbegrudged for the well-beloved; of the friends of men first and noblest, to his hearth-comrades help unfailing, to his folk the fairest father of peoples.
87) In 1572 the Skipton Castle long gallery stockpiled in its various chambers 37 battle-axes, 40 Flanders corslets, 45 spears, armor for 120 men, and "old armour" for another ninety, along with an arsenal of other weapons and fighting gear.