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an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

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s new corsages and boutonnieres are uniquely handcrafted and designed specifically for each couple.
When I saw the DuckTape corsages the entrants posted, I was amazed at their creativity," Schoeny says.
The corsage This is a flower worn usually on your date's wrist, and sometimes on her outfit.
Participants are invited to bring along a pair of old jeans and have fun turning them into a stylish bag, a pretty corsage or a sweet hanging heart.
Choose from a pink tutu dress (pounds 20), corsage trim frock (pounds 32) prom dress (pounds 28) and animal-print coat (from pounds 28) to keep the winter chills at bay.
Or simply pin a corsage to one of summer's floral dresses as modelled by Nicola Kydd of Redcar, right.
AMANDA HOLDEN, 39, The Britain's Got Talent judge wasn't taking any chances in a dramatic Quintana Couture with back ties, shoulder corsages and a side slit.
Brimming with elegant shift dresses, pearls, corsages and amazing Alice bands and headwear, DP has captured the show down to a tee.
Corsages are also a great way to jazz up an outfit.
With celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Agyness Deyn adding corsages to their wardrobes, why not include the car?
Corsages, chokers, bracelets, feather boas, expensive watches, gloves, hats, handbags, shoes and string upon string of pearls - more is more when it comes to being Lady P.
Cohen runs the store on his own now and has longtime customers to whom he sold corsages when they were still in high school.
Orchid corsages were presented to each couple before they were led to dinner tables decorated with birds-of-paradise and lilies draped in pearls.
From 1950s-style asymmetric dresses, featuring beaded corsages, to double-layered net prom dresses adorned with a sprinkling of shimmering sequins, Jesire really does have and answer to any wardrobe dilemmas.