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in a corrupt manner


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When the $533 million project cost was publicised, it raised rumour that certain costs in the winning tender bid, not including development costs, had been corruptly added to the project cost.
He [Barasa] is charged with several offences against the administration of justice, including corruptly influencing or attempting to corruptly influence ICC witnesses", the ICC said in a statement on Wednesday.
As with the personal assets -- often corruptly acquired -- of other fallen autocrats, such as Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and Tunisia's Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, the treasure hunters are facing major obstacles as they seek to identify assets and determine who has ownership of them.
The disaster resulted from deficiencies in a stadium unfit for purpose and the incompetence of police officers who corruptly attempted to destroy evidence of their culpability and to blame innocent football followers.
Pfizer Russia used the Hospital Program to make cash payments to individual government healthcare professionals to corruptly reward past purchases and prescriptions of Pfizer products, and to corruptly induce future purchases and prescriptions," the Justice Department said in the filing.
Baxter, Shorpshire, pled guilty to corruptly giving Maylam gifts and consideration and Behagg, of Cambridge, was convicted of corruption.
FIFTEEN people, including two from West Yorkshire, have appeared in court charged in connection with an inquiry into an alleged conspiracy to corruptly obtain driving licences.
FIFTEEN people have appeared before Birmingham magistrates over an alleged conspiracy to corruptly obtain driving licences.
A TOTAL of 15 people have appeared in court charged in connection with an investigation into an alleged conspiracy to corruptly obtain driving licences in Nuneaton.
On that basis, it would be reasonable to conclude that corruptly impersonating a public official constituted official right extortion under New York law.
It was decided to test whether Sarfraz Ibrahim was prepared to act corruptly and to see whether Saifur Khan would be prepared to facilitate and assist in his behaviour.
Popular anger is growing in India over allegations that the awarding of mobile licences in the world's biggest telecom market was handled corruptly.
For a significant part of the period you were active as a police officer one of your major preoccupations was to use the opportunities which being a police officer provided, corruptly to advance your sexual gratification.
Now it is soliciting money from foreign companies, many of which are tied to foreign governments, and using that foreign money to corruptly influence the United States electoral process.
An Iranian-born Australian police officer has alleged that some colleagues have corruptly used old readings from laser and radar devices to issue speeding tickets against unsuspecting motorists.