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Synonyms for corruptible

capable of being bribed

Synonyms for corruptible

capable of being corrupted

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He appeared enticingly like a corruptible cherub in his Armani jacket.
Following Cajetan's ordering of the text, Harris distinguishes three kinds of analogous predication: secundum esse sed non secundum intentionem (in cases where a term such as "body" is predicated univocally of realities--the incorruptible and the corruptible, for instance--whose being is not the same); secundum intentionem sed non secundum esse (as in the example of "health" predicated both of "animal" and "diet" in the analogy of attribution); and secundum intentionem et secundum esse.
The story, told by the ever-loyal slave Tiro, follows the rise to ultimate power, or Imperium, of the clever but ultimately corruptible young advocate Marcus Tullius Cicero.
So who is on Mr Rogers' wish list to play what he describes as ``utterly incompetent and easily corruptible councillors''?
Bartolo, was difficult to hear; Simone Alberghini showed good voice as the easily corruptible Don Basilio; and Suzanna Guzman was the highlight of the second act as the old maid Berta.
where there are opposites, like simple and composite, abstract and concrete, formal and material, corruptible and incorruptible, there we find degrees; hence a position is never reached where all opposition completely ceases or where the two are absolutely identical.
Less encouraging is the fact that 65% of those doing backup are using the least reliable and most easily corruptible form of backup--floppy diskettes.
The subtitled film, which depicts a corruptible Catholic Church and a few wayward priests, clearly has many people outraged.
But the competition generated by these newfangled positions of institutionalized intimacy put pressure on such traditional notions: most obviously, because the enormous wealth and power garnered by these men provoked jealousy among the less fortunate; but also because the strict regulation of access to the king crystallizes a tension built into the institutions of the period, emphasizing the personal and corruptible aspects of a system of government forced to become increasingly bureaucratic to meet the needs of a centralized state.
Osborne said he had "absolutely no knowledge" of his pending arrest in January, 1998, when he wrote an article in the Racing Post, which mentioned he had received an offer to stop horses "as a supposedly corruptible teenager".
Unless they do that, they are simply manmade conveniences, as corruptible as humanity itself.
Willem Dafoe is the cagey jailbird Earl Copen, head of a small but effective penitentiary gang and an operator who's got the whole penal system, from sympathetic guards to corruptible trustees, wired to his advantage.
Observant and insightful - at least so far as it's willing to go - the piece is another likable tale of an easily corruptible guy's wayward journey to the parameters of his personal standards.
His most successful film - though not his best - was the Academy Award-winning ``Cabaret,'' the musical starring Liza Minnelli as the irrepressible and corruptible Sally Bowles.
Confidential'' invests in a metaphor of Hollywood as glorified prostitution ring, from the corruptible, publicity-addicted cops to a sly subplot about a studiolike stable of call girls who've been surgically altered to look like movie stars.