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shaped into alternating parallel grooves and ridges

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Sinusoidal plate-surface corrugations alter the flow pattern and enhance heat-transfer in the channels of a PHE in two ways.
The pipe corrugations enhance wave turbulence, redirecting energy in multiple directions that are not consistent with the incident wave
It is thought that a cast film with a cast laminate is best for a car or boat due to advantages including low shrinkage, high durability, colour retention and thinness, allowing application over substrates with rivets, corrugations, and complex curves.
A portion of the absorbent core that is generally aligned with the core longitudinal axis can comprise structural features selected from the group consisting of slits, corrugations, nodules, and tufts.
However, the optimal designs of their study cannot be necessarily extrapolated to the cases of PHEs with sinusoidal-shaped corrugations.
The roto molded shell with integrated full-wrap structural corrugations provides the durability needed for safe travel and transport.
Necessity 10 opens the corrugations to resemble the typesetter's "flatbed," once more summoning forth the visual language of the texts.
The AlfaBlue NH3 range employs stainless steel tubes, to avoid corrosive attack of copper components by ammonia and combines these with a new fin pattern and surface corrugations designed to maximise heat transfer efficiency.
The internal corrugations reduce surface contact between the inside wall of the conduit and the cable jacket, lowering friction and protecting the cable from high tensile stress during installation.
The topography may be coarse and very obvious to the eye with deep furrows and high ridges or quite fine with microscopic corrugations that give a low gloss.
Furthermore, Cassini images show that the D ring has corrugations, as a tin roof does.
Other features include a modular stacked design, precision roll corrugations, a variable speed power feeder, and infinite gap control.
The pressure resistant reinforcement layer is formed by braiding reinforcing yams, so as to have corrugations along the corrugated portion of the inner rubber layer.