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a ridge on a corrugated surface

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the act of shaping into parallel ridges and grooves

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Due to the axial symmetry of the problem, we considered the half of wave corrugation, which median line bends under load (Fig.
The available heat-transfer area increases with the corrugation aspect ratio and, as shown by Muley et al.
Able to handle large storm water flow volumes, the MC-4500 measures 5 feet from the bottom to the top of the corrugation and has a base of more than 8 feet.
The topics include processing materials by electric discharge assisted mechanical milling, structural investigations of iron-based sintered alloys after plasma nitriding, ultrafine-grained copper alloys processed by continuous repetitive corrugation and straightening methods, and shape-memory alloy thin-strip rotary actuator.
Differential speed, corrugation form and corrugation number are just some parameters, which permit optimization for the perfect grinding result.
The corrugation generates highly turbulent flows, even with low Reynolds number and complex flow patterns involving swirling flow, separation, and reattachment of the boundary layer, as well as recirculation between the plates.
After extracting the ingots from the solidification mould, notches and corrugation were found on the surface of the ingots (Fig.
This is because the corrugation of the unit, when combined with careful velocity calculations, ensures all solids remain suspended inside the heat exchanger, rather than settling out.
200602015671 describes an outer wall with concave sections aligned with corrugation crests and convex sections with corrugation valleys.
The line is gluable with many waterbased adhesives and can withstand the heat of corrugation with minimal strike-in.
While not recommended for skid resistance and water resistance, the Nomar Series coatings can withstand the heat of corrugation, will not transfer onto the packaged items, and are gluable with most water-based and hot-melt adhesives.
The company covers a considerable percentage of the Indian market for its products, which includes paper cutting knives, metal shear knives, plastic cutting knives, corrugation (sheet cutter knives), paper mill knives, duplex knives, leather cutting knives, straw cutter knives, rag cutter knives, plannar knives, chipper knives, veneer knives, tobacco knives, knives for packaging and printing industry, knife grinding machines, and surface grinding.
Some topics examined are injury mitigation in locomotive crashworthiness, recent developments for forged railroad wheels for improved performance, and vehicle track modeling for the investigation of rail corrugation initiation.
Tubes can also be stainless steel braided for higher pressures or can be special ordered in TEXfluor PFA corrugation for a maximum continuous operating temperature up to 300[degrees]F/148[degrees]C at 0 pressure.
Holes milled in the corrugation peaks of the outer copper conductor produce the radiating cable effect.