corrugated cardboard

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cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)

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The Bidder Shall Provide All Equipment, Labor, And Materials Necessary For The Acceptance, Processing, Marketing, And/or Recycling Of Corrugated Cardboard Delivered To Their Facility As Generated From The City s Curbside Recycling Program.
FLIP THE pancake P (memory game): Make a stack of corrugated cardboard pancakes - as above.
Everything on your boat must be corrugated cardboard, except oars or paddles you use for propulsion and items used as fasteners (nuts, bolts, tape, washers, staples).
They said it intends to increase by 40% its capacity to produce corrugated cardboard which is then converted into boxes for packing products for its customers.
Residents are also reminded of the new materials they can now recycle, in particular corrugated cardboard.
Jobs have been saved after a Midland entrepreneur set up a new corrugated cardboard business in Wolverhampton after his previous business failed.
Corrugated cardboard can also be put into the green bin.
From the food we eat and the books we read to the gifts we give and the music we enjoy, corrugated cardboard has become an integral part of our lives.
The peel-off film not only protects the bumpers during shipment and installation, it reduces he amount of corrugated cardboard used in the shipment of bulk orders.
Corrugated cardboard is defined as cardboard made of one or more layers of paper used for a wave and glued between two or more single--or multi-layered flat areas (Stricevic, 1983).
With its unique physical consistency, its decidedly axial strength, and its deadening acoustic absorption, corrugated cardboard has many inherent qualities.
Cut-paper characters, corrugated cardboard architecture, reproductions of his paintings, and dried flowers are just a few of the materials used to create energetic theatrical settings.
A German sheet extruder and thermoformer has developed a lightweight sheet laminate for round-trip containers that has a dimpled core resembling corrugated cardboard.
A scale model of the building can be produced by leaving several corrugated cardboard boxes outside during the rainy season.