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shaped into alternating parallel grooves and ridges

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Chibouk was corrugated with evidences of deep thought: he was
On the contrary, it was corrugated and pitted, with here and there patches that showed signs of heat and fusing.
He continued gazing from the window while I spoke, and did not answer, but, stung by the recollections my words awakened, stamped his foot upon the floor, ground his teeth, and corrugated his brow, like one under the influence of acute physical pain.
He still sat looking at the ground, with a painful and corrugated brow, as if in shame.
Raffles had removed them a few hours before their time, and the electric light shone on a corrugated shutter bare as the ribs of an empty carcase.
It ended by signal abruptly, nowhere in particular, between two lamp-posts before a large drapery establishment - a long range of shops already lapped up in sheets of corrugated iron for the night.
The orator having refreshed himself, wiped his corrugated forehead from left to right several times with his handkerchief folded into a pad, and concentrated all his revived forces, in a sneer of great disdain and bitterness.
It's estimated that corrugated pipe makers already use some 400 million lb/yr of HDPE, including over 100 million lb of copolymer PCR, in highway and agricultural drainage pipe (which already has an ASTM standard).
com/reports/c50862) has announced the addition of Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing Industry in the U.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Corrugated and Paperboard Boxes in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Corrugated & Solid Fiber Boxes, Folding Paperboard Boxes, and Set-Up Paperboard Boxes.
The following TIP has been withdrawn by the Working Group from the Corrugated Process Control and Quality Assurance Subject Category due to outdated information:
As part of the Belgian-based VPK Packaging Group, Rigid Corrugated has been appointed local partner to the Kettering facility for international Soya drinks and desserts company Alpro.
In the news release, LIFDEK Launches Revolutionary Corrugated Pallet System, issued 22-Oct-2014 by Lifdek Corporation over PR Newswire, the source line should read "Lifdek Corporation; Veritiv Corporation" rather than "Lifdek Corporation; ?
Contract awarded for acquisition of corrugated iron rods and plain grades 40 and 60 different sizes and tie wire for extensions amusement xetulul
Contract Awarded for Sn8 Corrugated Pipes 500 Lux 500 Meters, Sn8 Corrugated Pipes 400 Lux 500 Meters, Sn8 Corrugated Pipes 300 Lux 1000 M, Sn8 Corrugated Pipes 200, 3000 M, Sn8 Corrugated Pipe 150.