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The classification of corrosivity based on corrosion rates measured by weight loss experiment at both test sites was also found to be C5 according to ISO 9223 which was in full agreement with abovementioned atmospheric corrosiveness results.
Water corrosiveness is defined by water tendency to attack metallic or concrete surfaces.
Also, the state Department of Environmental Protection required that the town undertake a change to its water chemistry, a treatment of its pH level to take corrosiveness out of water, and this has had the spinoff effect of darker water because of manganese coming through the system after the manganese had been sitting in the pipes.
As the company explains, potash is not a singular material as it refers to a family of potassium-based compounds that differ in their physical characteristics such as solubility in water, color, density and of major importance to the maintenance department: abrasiveness and corrosiveness.
In consequence of certain disadvantages like short shelf life, high corrosiveness, requirement of specialized instruments, and high cost, a research project in Brazil by Bittencourt et al.
These impurities may be categorized as biological organic and inorganic chemicals physical and radiological which are responsible for the bad taste color odor or turbidity hardness corrosiveness staining or frothing in water and in agriculture lands they are responsible for salinity and sodicity [1314].
Evaluation of effect of 25[degrees]API crude oil on produced water corrosiveness with sulphate reducing bacteria and C[O.
Standard test method for corrosiveness to copper from petroleum products by copper strip test.
Du Bois' reflexive praxes in sociological theory to uncover the corrosiveness of the phenotypically locked and essentialized black personhood, and to battle the racist constructions of the social predicated on normative whiteness and black otherness, projected as cosmic arrangements (p.
9), especially with seasonal climate events affecting efficient corn production; higher aldehyde emissions; lower energy content than gasoline or diesel fuel; lower volatility than gasoline in cold environments, which leads to cold starting problems in spark ignition engines if not blended with volatile primers or gasoline; and increased corrosiveness on metals and more aggressive attack on polymers when compared to gasoline.
The presence of crude oil, including the dilbits we have tested, actually decreases the corrosiveness of the standard brine used in standard testing.
2) "After twenty years of research, no unleaded formulation has been found that can meet the octane needs of the existing fleet while also maintaining the other necessary safety qualities of an aviation gasoline such as vapor pressure, hot- and cold-starting capabilities, material compatibility, water separation, corrosiveness, storage stability, freeze point, toxicity, and a host of other traits necessary to be a true drop-in," Hackman says.
The cylinders were reinforced to withstand the corrosiveness of the gas.
American Reform Movement leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs lambasted on Tuesday the "the incivility, divisiveness and corrosiveness of America's public discourse that increasingly threatens to tear our own Jewish community apart.
They point out that limitations to the use of raw bio-oils include poor volatility and corrosiveness.