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The objective of this research is to review existing test procedures and evaluate alternatives that may enhance or extend our abilities to characterize the corrosiveness of earthen materials for a wider range of conditions and considering different applications compared to the current protocol.
The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements," but supplies billions in aid to build them, opposes the legitimate right of Palestinian refugees to return home, backs the corrosiveness of a racist and belligerent Zionism, supports conflicts against an occupied people, and rogue Mahmoud Abbas Fatah elements to divide, conquer, and solidify Israeli hardline rule.
The new solvent systems have several advantages including less toxicity, less corrosiveness, low environmental impact and good health and safety benefits," he said.
The outdoor exposure test (field test) was carried out in the atmospheric corrosion station of CEPEL (Fundao Island, Rio de Janeiro), which has a corrosiveness category equal to C3, according to the standard ISO 9223.
The central focus of these pieces of legislation is the corrosiveness of racial politics, and readers gain insight into the unwillingness of states such as South Carolina to compromise with Virginia over the issue.
His 1762 work Emile (translated into English the following year) delineated the ideal education of a boy, blending notions of the noble savage, childhood innocence, nature's nurturance, and society's corrosiveness.
The corrosiveness of halide salt solutions can be managed by working with very low desiccant flow rates in both the regenerator and conditioner (i.
Chemical properties of the settled water and presence/absence of active bacteria could vary between crude oil sources, but (to my knowledge) there is no literature comparing the corrosiveness of waters from different crude oils.
The cylinders were reinforced to withstand the corrosiveness of the gas.
They point out that limitations to the use of raw bio-oils include poor volatility and corrosiveness.
Although it is logical that the age of a building, corrosiveness, and temperature of water may impact the concentration of lead in drinking water, these associations cannot be drawn from the data presented here.
They are characterized by their toxicity, corrosiveness, flammability, explosiveness, reactivity, chemical by-products, and quantity/ availability.
2], increasing corrosiveness, and ultimately increasing dissolution of shell material until burial below the TAZ.
A further inspection finds corroborating evidence or characteristics, such as results of testing a sample of the drywall for sulfur content, metal corrosiveness and/or sulfide gas emission.