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Synonyms for corrosive

Synonyms for corrosive

Synonyms for corrosive

a substance having the tendency to cause corrosion (such a strong acids or alkali)

of a substance, especially a strong acid

spitefully sarcastic

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It was coated so corrosively with reality that the other works I saw in Avignon were pushed into a different light.
I adopt the names Venus Barbata and Venus Calva, The Bearded and Bald Venus, for certain highly aggressive, corrosively verbal movie stars like Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor.
It's a stock-in-trade, he believes, that could prey upon addiction as corrosively as drug-trafficking.
It's a phenomenon which became so common and so corrosively destructive in the decade following the war in Viet Nam, veterans' organizations often refer to it as "The Wacko-Vet Myth.
By contrast, FX targets mature viewers with such stylishly gritty series as the corrupt-cop action show ``The Shield'' (star Michael Chiklis has won an Emmy), the corrosively sardonic firefighter series ``Rescue Me'' (Denis Leary, its star and co-creator, recently received his second Emmy nomination) and ``Nip/Tuck,'' a show about Miami plastic surgeons offering mediations on self-images and what constitutes beauty.
Cornford & Cross's rubrics, always clever, are sometimes just too corrosively, nastily cynical for selection committees to stomach.
Surplus ammunition is either corrosively primed or not.
And with ``Flags,'' she demonstrates that she stays bitterly and corrosively in step with current events.
A site-specific work by Michael Smith and Joshua White, Open House, 1999, is one of the most corrosively funny installations I've ever seen.
Her humor and view of romance may not be as corrosively humorous as, say, Neil LaBute's.
Considering the humid, tropical, salt water environment in which Arisakas were used coupled with corrosively primed ammunition, chrome plating the bores and sometimes the bolt faces combined with a radiused groove type rifling of the early M99s was a significant design coup of the Japanese.
The mutant sensibility at work in this droll, smartly curated exhibition proposes the marriage of Surrealism's dream-laden fetish for the body eroticized and grotesque and Pop art's celebration of the shallower, corrosively bright world given over to the packaged good.
99) Corrosively funny comedy starring Denis Leary as a burglar forced to kidnap, then counsel a bitterly unhappy couple (Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis) on Christmas Eve.