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a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action

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In order to evaluate the corrosion resistance of each of the samples, linear polarization resistance (LPR) tests are conventional tools.
There is more than one face to corrosion and many types can grow on avionics equipment, depending on the environment, the material and the location within the airframe.
Because of the high cost of production downtime, repair, and replacement due to corrosion, a growing number of proactive companies are going beyond traditional techniques that have only slowed corrosion.
The inhibition of the corrosion has been proved to be the formation of donor-acceptor surface complexes between a vacant d-orbital of a metal and non-bonding electron pairs or p-electrons of an organic inhibitor, and nitrogenous compound is widely used.
Proper selection of the internal coating can also solve many internal corrosion problems.
As part of EPAs ongoing collaboration with the UST community, the Agency responded to concerns about reports of severe corrosion in USTs storing diesel fuel by working with industry and scientific experts to develop this research.
Andrew Courtney, of Surface Technology, part of Norman Hay and a global industry leader in specialist engineered surface coatings, looks at the issue of corrosion and the preventative steps that can be taken in component design, specification and manufacture.
Previous studies have investigated the steel corrosion in reinforced concrete in detail; however, most studies are carried out under common environment.
EC funded projects improved the understanding of acoustic emission related to corrosion process and their behaviour with respect to AE.
However, it may cause biological problems for people due to the corrosion process inside the body in a long period.
Power generation was the largest end-use industry for corrosion inhibitors, with market demand of 1,366.
Muscat: Researchers at the Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) are studying the possibility of using nanotechnology to fight corrosion of oil pipelines, which costs millions of dollars to the industry.
India, June 23 -- Annual costs of corrosion have been measured at three trillion USD globally.
Fastener corrosion can also be accelerated when preservative or fire-retardant chemicals are added to the wood.
CORROSION 2013, the 68th annual conference and exposition of NACE International, will be held on March 17-21 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.