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eaten away as by acid or oxidation

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Many research works are devoted to residual strength analysis of corroded structures.
Since a large quantity of de-icing agent is sprayed in winter when calcium chloride is scattered, it comes into contact with the vehicle and adheres strongly to the vehicle body following repeated cycles of drying and wetting in the air, and consequently causes the chromium plating to become corroded.
Wafers in oil-polluted water corroded significantly more than those in pristine seawater and hosted different kinds of microbes.
Moreover, a huge number of these corroded structures are also in high seismicity regions.
and called Springfield police, who confirmed it was corroded dynamite that appeared to be unstable.
Bosses were fined PS750 and were ordered to pay PS2,480 court costs, after the court heard the car's underside was corroded.
If the anode rod is corroded, replace it by pulling it out from the top of the tank and inserting a new one.
Buffer assembly: Retainer won't hold; buffer badly corroded, cracked
The first, a Ford Fiesta, was found to be corroded around one sill, have an inefficient hand-brake and corroded brake pipes.
Motorists will encounter temporary lane closures and delays on the Highway 43 bridge over the Mississippi River in Winona while crews continue to repair corroded areas of the bridge, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
The car failed on a number of things such as headlamp alignment, exhaust emissions, unequal braking and corroded rear brake pipes.
All the specimens were tested in flexure after corrosion and the results showed that un corroded beams failed in flexure; while corroded beams exhibited a shear-bond failure at a load range of 67-95% as compared to un corroded beams.
Leaks from two corroded oil pipes in 2006 caused half of Prudhoe Bay to shut down for weeks, temporarily slowing the flow of oil revenue to the state.
April 2008's Squawk Box included a mechanic's comment about corroded cowling rivets on a Mooney with a carbon fiber cowling.
The process is one which uses hazardous chemicals and the escape happened because the pipe was corroded.