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  • verb

Synonyms for corrode

Synonyms for corrode

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for corrode

cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid


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become destroyed by water, air, or a corrosive such as an acid

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1 automaker, said the galvanized, braided-steel support cables that keep the tailgates in place can corrode or fracture over time because of moisture seeping through cracks in the plastic sheathing of the cable or entering between the cable's metal strands, the AP said.
The material will not corrode even if penetrated and does not require edge protection to prevent separation.
Steel exposed to seawater or salt spray will corrode more rapidly than steel in fresh water.
Calling legislation that would imprison women for seven years for praying with the Torah at the Western Wall "more appropriate to Iran than to a Jewish state," the American Jewish Congress today characterized unchecked religious intolerance as "a problem that can corrode the very heart of Israeli society.
The fuel looks normal but what it does is corrode brass and rubber parts in the fuel system and then that causes deposits in the engine.
Yet even with evidence for massive indigenous trading activities at least since the late sixteenth century most authors insist on inserting a conceptual fire-wall, to wit Stern's differentiation between "European colonial" and "traditional Andean" models of exchange, according to which some rationales guiding individual Andeans' trade may help to sustain the Andean cultural logic while others corrode and betray it.
When this occurs the galvanic property of metals requires that the metal higher or more electropositive, such as magnesium, will corrode or "sacrifice" in preference to slower oxidizing metals, such as steel.
TODDLER Amari Leonard is lucky to be alive after she swallowed a battery which started to corrode and burn her throat.
GM) said Thursday it is recalling about 4 million pickup trucks worldwide to replace tailgate-support cables that may corrode and break.
In another example of the deep sea's largely unexplored biodiversity, scientists have discovered two new strains of bacteria that corrode iron with unprecedented efficiency.
Opposing scientists contend that water seeping through rocks and crevices could corrode canisters.
A spokeswoman said the inquiry into the latest incident was still going on but it appeared a blocked gutter had caused rain to seep down an internal wall causing the drums to corrode.
Get Online Access to Outdoor Lighting Fixtures That Won't Rust or Corrode
The fiberglass manholes and rehabilitation manholes provide a structural barrier that can withstand H-20 traffic loads and is resistant to hydrogen sulfide, which causes concrete to corrode.