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The claims that he planned and "hatched" two bomb plots, reported earlier this month in the Financial Times, are refuted by the confession of one bomber and the absence of any corroboratory evidence regarding the failed cargo bombs.
the presence or absence of corroboratory or supporting evidence;
This rather strongly confirms the improved performance of the selected participants, and it provides corroboratory evidence against the null hypothesis--even in light of the fact that the KB database overall is nonsignificant.
Based on years of investigation, this volume challenges many conventional assumptions about Servet and provides corroboratory documents, including municipal, church, and university records and pages from Servet's manuscripts and early editions.
Section B presents this comparison along with a brief discussion of other corroboratory historical examples.
Tsuji was viewing the Komonjo Otekagami, a two-volume album of handwriting samples of some of the most illustrious figures in Japanese history, when he noticed that several of the letters included in the album had been carefully cut off the back of sheets used to write the autograph version of the Meigetsuki (it is believed that Teika copied the Meigetsuki onto the hacks of old letters not only to save paper, but that the letters served as corroboratory material for the diary (15)).
The objective of this strategy is, when applicable, to triangulate, in the sense of confronting and comparing data collected through different means and sources and retaining only the most consistent one, "following a corroboratory mode" (Yin, 2003, p.
Corroboratory evidence: Placebo responders On the basis of their power data, in Stage 1 above participants 6 and 7 were classified as placebo responsive.