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He said: "It's true that we work corroboratively on a number of issues with Denbighshire.
A spokesman for RCT council said: "Alongside other local authorities, the council corroboratively hosts these events in turn to support fundraising activities for each Mayor of the councils involved.
Holmes said the UO could avoid bias in the survey by inviting "experts external to the university working corroboratively with our staff.
Corroboratively, the empirical findings in relation to the proxy of cost of discounting earnings as measured by the Altman Z-Score statistic of bankruptcy probability also reinforce the earnings components findings, even as volatility increases in executive stock option grants.
They start talking corroboratively and collectively, abandoning their own insular agendas and working to one common purpose.
Dell has now extended many of its internal databases to customers and suppliers over secure internet sites, giving them, for instance, a direct view into the manufacturing operations or the chance to work corroboratively on product designs, something he claimed would shave 30% off development times.
3) Waldron and Joanis, Understanding and Corroboratively Treating Parental Alienation Syndrome, 10 AM.
The signing of this declaration signals our aim to work corroboratively with other local authorities and services to reduce alcohol harm and health inequalities in across the region.