corroborating evidence

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additional evidence or evidence of different kind that supports a proof already offered in a proceeding

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803(23)(a)(2) (b) permits the admission of a child victim's hearsay statements if the child is deemed unavailable and there is other corroborating evidence of the abuse or offense.
Although they have corroborating evidence against him, they refuse to charge him, citing a lack of physical evidence.
Violations committed at the workplace which require investigation include any act disrupting security and order and tangible acts that cause harm to the company's interests and assets, with corroborating evidence, in addition to any explicit call preventing others from working or inciting them to stop working and deliberate violations of labour rules.
Without corroborating evidence of Harbinger's apparent ability from other races, the lack of in-depth opposition, and any real evidence that the three horses immediately behind him ran to their highest mark, the King George cannot be taken as proof that Harbinger is as good as the handicappers claim.
DAY The story based on a Legal & General press release, attempts to make a correlation between burglary and developments in the internet, without providing any corroborating evidence.
The force said officers have looked into whether there are witnesses who would speak to police and are now investigating if there is corroborating evidence to back up claims against Lord Rennard.
West Midlands Police will be speaking to officers from the Met now that the murder trial has reached its conclusion to assess any possible links or corroborating evidence which could allow officers to revisit the case.
The challenging process of interviewing the victim, collecting corroborating evidence, and investigating perpetrators becomes more effective when the victim gains continued presence and begins accessing care and protection from a service provider.
Experts said questions around Karr's story put more pressure on corroborating evidence including DNA.
Coverage includes: the selection of the control group, the clinical importance of the results, the role of corroborating evidence, and the criteria for a well-done systematic overview.
The closest thing the group produces to corroborating evidence is a widely circulated 1993 video taken inside a slaughterhouse that shows the thrashing body of a bolted horse.
Commissioner); in others they had some corroborating evidence such as bills and documentation relating to mortgage loans (see Cenedella v.
But Detective Constable Russell Jenkins assured the family: 'There's no corroborating evidence we can find that - after an exhaustive investigation - this was anything other than a suicide attempt.
So much of the film unfolds through the eyes of the girl or her loved ones, without corroborating evidence, that it's difficult to view her plight with anything other than scepticism.
However, the scientists already have some corroborating evidence.