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Finally, Part III contends that Congress intended for such notice and opportunity to be specific, in order to give legitimate asylum applicants who qualify for the corroboration exception a meaningful opportunity to establish, on the record, that they cannot reasonably obtain corroborating evidence.
Mogharrabi explicitly recognized that, in some cases, an asylum applicant might not be able to provide corroborating evidence.
62) The language in this provision therefore establishes that, contrary to the Ninth Circuit's holding in Ladha, even a credible applicant is expected to provide corroborating evidence if an IJ determines that it is necessary to sustain the applicant's burden of proof.
67) In particular, circuits that have addressed the issue disagree over whether the REAL ID Act's corroboration provision requires IJs to give otherwise credible applicants advance notice of the need for corroborating evidence and an opportunity to provide it or explain its absence.
found in possession of these spoils, thus corroborating his confession
for independent, direct or circumstantial evidence, corroborating the
an "essential fact" and the only evidence corroborating this
record indicating that the corroborating witness was shown the
In the case of the accusations against the President, what will serve as corroborating evidence are the remains of the murder victims which, according to Matobato, are buried in unmarked graves whose locations he remembers, and supporting evidence that confirms the crucial details of the killings he mentioned, among others.
In the case of the accusations against De Lima, the corroborating evidence will be bank deposit slips, bank accounts, and mobile phone contents, among others.
Robert Bearnth, EVP of Geology, said, "The results of the geochemical analysis over the coming weeks will give us additional corroborating evidence.
When asked about the content of the preliminary report, Robert Bearnth, EVP of Geology, said that "it is very nice having an independent geological team corroborating our findings.
He added, "Our 'blind study' is nearing completion with results to date corroborating our ability to detect CWD consistently and with great accuracy.
Vivendi Universal (Paris Bourse: EX FP; NYSE:V) today checks carried out on the electronically recorded votes at the April 24 Vivendi Universal Shareholders Meeting have revealed corroborating indicators of the systematic malfunction of the voting machines of the main shareholders.
Corroborating NetRatings November findings, the latest figures from Media Metrix put Petopia.