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capable of being corrected or set right


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The move from the human community to a biotic community, then, requires that we recognize a complex system of mutually interdependent parts that includes "soils, water, plants, and animals," and that we be able to give an account of how we can frame generally reliable, albeit fallible and corrigible, judgments about the needs and interests of the non-human parts of such a system.
Finally, in all sciences, the nature of their special objects of study is ascertained through a continuous, cumulative, and corrigible process.
Liberal theorists naturally believe that liberal society is corrigible and that it is indeed continually ameliorating itself in a progressively emancipatory direction.
John Stuart Mill had something like this in mind in his remarkable essay "On Liberty" He said--I provide the full quotation to introduce the nugget at the end--that "it is owing to a quality of the human mind, the source of everything respectable in man either as an intellectual or as a moral being, namely, that his errors are corrigible.
are integral to science, and science is fallible and corrigible.
As understanding progresses and this is true of both science and theology, our theories must be corrigible, else we stagnate.
Despite the hardships both of us were corrigible and conserted.
Such allowance must be made if participants' views are corrigible, which is simply a way of saying that our social world is one in which ideology (in the critical- or false-consciousness sense) is possible.
For the Stoics, emotions are not infantile and incorrigible feelings, meant to be simply stifled; they are, rather, corrigible feelings based on mistaken judgments concerning the individual's place in the world, which can therefore be rationally addressed.
Levi combines these with "Coleridgean sympathy, the exercise of human judgment through corrigible error, the flexibility of received opinion" (28).
They are the creative, corrigible initiatives that, if successful, can provide the basis for structuring later pilot projects.
Generally speaking, from the point of view of interreligious dialogue, we may say that, if religious persons enter into dialogue with the understanding that their particularities are relative and corrigible, they will be more open to the particularities of other religions--understanding them also to be relative and corrigible.
Graves seems less interested in theoretical limitations than in corrigible factual ones, such as that of the great Edmund Malone, who "could not imagine the Globe without two hanging chandeliers for lights," as Graves observes, "because the theater with which he was familiar -- the theater of Cibber and Garrick -- had them" (65-66).
If there is no first philosophy or incorrigible foundation for knowledge justification, as required by empiricist theories of knowledge, then as a corrigible theory of mind and knowledge in its own right, epistemology falls into place within the wider fabric of scientific knowledge as a chapter of psychology, and once naturalised in this way, our best theories of learning and cognition are then used to explain and justify how scientific knowledge is possible (see Evers, 1988, p.
The theological argument claims that revelation did occur, and that the canonical Torah, the troubled textual remnant of this divine event, was corrigible by means of oral law.