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capable of being corrected or set right


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Feminism's past, and present, shortcomings with respect to race analysis provide an important example of its ongoing need for openness, sensitivity, malleability and corrigibility.
This way that the novel has of sustaining Fanny's need and desire for correction, rather than merely allowing her to achieve correctness, might in fact imply that Austen has written a novel that is decidedly unpsychological, decidedly opposed to the design of many realistic novels in which the movement of a character through time and space can be registered through accumulated mental reserves, from a position of corrigibility to a state beyond error--a movement, as J.
It is individualist, in that it asserts the moral primacy of the person against the claims of any social collectivity: egalitarian, inasmuch as it confers on all men the same moral status and denies the relevance to legal or political order of differences in moral worth among human beings; universalist, affirming the moral unity of the human species and according a secondary importance to specific historic associations and cultural forms; and meliorist in its affirmation of the corrigibility and improvability of all social institutions and political arrangements.
The power and the beauty of science do not rest upon infallibility, which it has not, but on corrigibility, without which it is nothing.
the corrigibility of beliefs held true) instead of fallibilism--though this may be a terminological issue.