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The more likely truth is that those same bureaucrats are running around the corridors of power trying to find someone to blame for this appalling mess.
Those who are sitting in corridors of power are the killers of his father as they had supported military operation in Dera Bugti, he added.
Fighting the worst recession in decades, keeping an eye on the Iranian pressure cooker and leading the free world must be difficult enough without opportunist crazies from overseas clogging up the corridors of power with crates of weird vegetable smoothie.
WESTMINSTER BLOG Political correspondent Kevin Schofield on a day of drama in the corridors of power.
It is stalking the corridors of power, hitching up its skirt, delighted to be asked, and wives who try to forget it are nuts" - Life in the House of Commons by former Tory MP: Edwina Currie who famously had an affair with John Major.
They have the luxury of walking in the corridors of power, of voting on their own pay and conditions, of deciding what hours they work, of deciding the length of each holiday or recess they have several times a year, their severance payment if/when they get voted out of office and of course their pensions when they retire.
But while the chattering classes in the corridors of power continue to quibble over whether a duck that walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is actually a duck, something is stirring in our shires.
A TOWN hall is opening its doors for people to find out what goes on in the corridors of power.
Know-all Ken will bring you the latest info as he trawls the corridors of power in Leinster House.
Anyone who is in the position to walk along the corridors of power may have noticed a change in atmosphere recently that can only be down to one thing - the new series of Have I Got News For You which started last week.
It was his lack of willingness to submit to the uniformly oppressive jacket-and-tie world that may have most upset my polished Australian mates, who work the waxed corridors of power in diplomacy, industry, academia and the media.
The Irish community has long been a force in real estate and construction, as it has in education and civic government, and this year's Humanitarian Honoree has "walked the corridors of power and higher learning with honor, dignity and a record of accomplishment that places him among the few select educators of the past generation, said McCabe.
Puddington, with Freedom House, presents a biography of labor leader Kirkland (1922-90), describing a journey from a small impoverished mill town to the corridors of power in Washington to a trade union congress in Poland.
Is the homosexual lobby so powerful in the corridors of power that the judges and politicians have capitulated to them?