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a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle


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Uma vez definido o padrao de operacao, foram produzidas 397 corridas utilizando o carbureto como desoxidante.
There's a tradition also in smaller towns--they do corridas, and they have a fight where they have four women fighting, but you go to see that fight almost hoping to laugh, and to make fun of them.
Another reason it would be difficult to prohibit the corridas is because Plaza Mexico provides significant tax revenues," said CNNMexico.
As Mandel notes, "the Bilbao goring forced Dominguin to cancel many appearances that year and shortened Iris next season, but most of his forty-two corridas in 1960 were excellent" (69).
Although some Central California cities have bullfights where the animal is spared, fans of "classic" corridas have to travel outside the U.
A espessura de escoria medida nas corridas acompanhadas ficou entre 10 mm e 20 mm, dentro do padrao de referencia.
On a daily basis Paco encounters men who, at one point, succeeded in the profession he aspires to, yet Hemingway never hints at any communication between the young daydreamer and the heroes of corridas past.
He beat the record number of bullfights per year - 161 corridas - held by Manuel Benitez, the renowned 1960s bullfighter known as El Cordobes.
On the walls were bullfight posters that proclaimed the elegant courage of toreros like El Cordobes, Joselito, Espartaco and Chamaco; and the nobility of the bulls they'd confront in feria week's corridas, regarded as the best bullfights in Spain.
Although the emphasis of our activities that summer was on the corridas and the bullfight scene, another priority for Hemingway in 1959 was to complete his novel, The Garden of Eden, a book he had begun twelve years before and worked on intermittently ever since.
Realizou-se o tratamento de 97 corridas de aco ultra baixo carbono utilizando uma combinacao de tres vazoes de argonio diferentes em duas etapas de descarburacao distintas, totalizando 277 amostras analisadas.
In 1915, 1916, and 1917 he continued to dominate the ring, appearing in over 100 corridas each year, many of them mano a mano (the six bulls being fought by two instead of three matadors) with Belmonte and not a few solo fighting all six bulls by himself).