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a school that teaches nonresident students by mail

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In 1878, John Heyl Vincent established the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle in Chautauqua, New York, the first adult education program and correspondence school in the country (Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 1878; Scott, 1999).
He attended International Correspondence School for four years in mapping and surveying.
David Banner is a screwed up hip hop "artist", a graduate from uncle Screw tapes' correspondence school (Cf.
Butchers, quoted above, was the headmaster of the New Zealand Correspondence School in Wellington in the mid twentieth century.
She continues her deep study of Torah by teaching and learning with others and directing A Still Small Voice, a correspondence school that provides weekly teachings in classic Jewish wisdom to subscribers around the world.
The college also awarded almost $18 million to 1,927 students attending a correspondence school that FSA did not consider a legitimate campus because students did not physically attend classes.
The ruling involved a correspondence school that received federally guaranteed promissory notes as payment for home study courses.
Janet Start Hull received her Doctorate in Nutrition from a nonaccredited correspondence school that offers courses in detoxification and healing, iridology, homeopathy, and human energy fields.
In Australia, a correspondence school was established in Melbourne in 1914 'to meet the needs of isolated children for schooling' (Correspondence School, 1978, p.
I'd never heard this before, but then several other students told me the same thing, so I consulted a counselor who told me that this correspondence school was an option for "kids who don't have any other options.
in biomedical ethics from Pacific Western University, an unaccredited correspondence school offering no classroom instruction.
Many people mistakenly assume we are the equivalent of the correspondence school degree programs, when in fact we have prescriptive authority in many states and are trained in minor surgery as well as the range of illnesses from acute to chronic.
A correspondence school that offered courses in natural health for personal enrichment and self-improvement was entitled to an exemption from property taxes according to the Tax Court of Indiana.
Ventrella, who describes himself as an "ordained Ruling Elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church" in his ADF bio, also teaches classes at Bahnsen Theological Seminary, a correspondence school in Placentia, Calif.
From these humble beginnings, emerged the Saskatchewan Government Correspondence School, the Alberta Correspondence School, and the British Columbia's Correspondence Education Branch; all supply courses at a distance to many in-school students (McKinnon, 1986).