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a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school

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I will close with a quote from one of our most distinguished alumni, the late Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, who once said of the Naval War College correspondence course, "I regarded that course as one of the most valuable experiences that I had," and that "it gave an excellent indication to the people in the office of Chief of Naval Personnel, when they were looking for someone to do a job, to look down the list of the people who had completed the Naval War College correspondence course and say, 'Well, here is a guy who can stick with it.
His early schooling was so problematic that his mother enrolled Obama in the correspondence course so that he could learn English (see "The Early Education of Our Next President," page 28).
This, plus problems with a friend's health prompted Fred to complete a correspondence course from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy in London covering natural health and herbs, gaining a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Natural Science in 1973.
Humphrey (pictured centre with the commercial property team) has 10 years' specialist experience and started his law degree by correspondence course towards the end of his 23-year service in the army.
Up to now, 290 airport staff have completed a correspondence course sponsored by the association and have spent two days of practical training to pass the Service Care-fitter Class 2 examination.
Miller's express-lane journey to the professional world involved finishing her high school degree through a correspondence course and growing up quickly.
You'll see that we are moving away from a strictly paper-based correspondence course.
Daniel had already completed the four modules of the confederation's correspondence course.
Previously, the only option was a correspondence course and the numbers applying to TyneMet are increasing every year.
In such cases, online classes respond to a crisis and are the Internet equivalent of the correspondence course.
The war college also offers a correspondence course for those who cannot attend a seminar.
LTI started with one correspondence course more than 30 years ago and has evolved into an organization that offers comprehensive title industry specific training through its correspondence courses, educational videos, seminars, CD-ROM mini-course, and board game.
Is it a web based correspondence course that students can access 24/7, work at their own place and pace?
While I'm here at George F White, I will also keep on studying and am currently completing a correspondence course with the College of Estate Management at Reading.
You can also enroll through the Army Correspondence Course program at: http://www.
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