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Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

Synonyms for correspondence

compatibility of observations

the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount

similarity by virtue of corresponding


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the man involved in the compromising correspondence which Bishopriggs possessed.
And she could only do that by getting the correspondence into her own hands.
In spite of these complications, the general nature of the formal correspondence which makes truth is clear from our instances.
An introduction by Gerhard Wagner and Gilbert Weiss helps to put the correspondence in context and provides biographical material.
The IRS typically selects returns for correspondence examinations based on data indicating that the taxpayer has not reported income, claimed improper deductions, or claimed erroneous tax credits.
Butchers, quoted above, was the headmaster of the New Zealand Correspondence School in Wellington in the mid twentieth century.
Answer: Although it is always in your best interest to have your record ready for review prior to your board convening, the NPC has a very robust and effective correspondence processing section.
Scholars have differed as to the degree to which Harper drew upon the design of the Chautauqua Assembly in bringing correspondence study into the University of Chicago's structure.
This edited collection is a generally useful compilation of correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
Lubke and Teleman prove a general Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence on arbitrary compact Hermitian manifolds and discuss differential geometric properties of the corresponding moduli spaces.
Along those lines, always use the individual's correct title whenever addressing him/her anywhere in the correspondence.
Their correspondence is simultaneously respectful and revealing.
Achsa's parents, who appear regularly in the correspondence, don't fare quite as well under Thomas' pen: they are more worn-out types than fleshed-out characters.
The concept of correspondence management has changed drastically in recent years, with the advent of email, Web pages and online forms.
Along with the correspondence office that opened in Mostar, this means there will be more information from BiH.
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