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Synonyms for correlativity

a reciprocal relation between two or more things

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The Correlativity between Site Condition and Properties of Alnus formosana Introduced by Sichuan, Master Thesis, Sichuan Agricultural University, 43-50.
Consequently, we introduce the concept of correlativity parameters, whose formal description is shown in Definition 4.
107) Since they were not rights, their actuality failed to refute Hohfeld's correlativity axiom, stated above.
There had been a very close reciprocal correlativity especially between Tajikistan and Afghanistan and both encouraged exchange of students academics littACopyrightrateurs and artists media persons and cultural delegates (Warikoo: 141).
underlying civil liability is based on the correlativity of injustice:
My argument will be that Epstein's position is consistent neither with corrective justice's equality not with its idea of agency not with its correlativity of right and duty".
This section reflects a corrective justice understanding of tort law, in particular, the correlativity requirement.
and shows data in layers according to various hierarchical relations, subordinate relations and correlativity.
Ernest Weinrib, for instance, discusses the Kantian concept of personality, and argues it is not necessary for a plaintiff s loss to be precisely equal to defendant's gain to fulfill the correlativity feature of corrective justice.
Due to geometrical consistency and performance correlativity, [K.
Greene also endorses and defends the correlativity thesis, which holds that a state's political legitimacy is correlative with the existence of its citizens' political obligations (pp.
the correlativity of rights, as is also the case in Scottish Law's
A first response is that the principle of correlativity must have limits.
It is thus structured in terms of right and duty, a relationship referred to by tort law theorists as the relationship of correlativity.
Weinrib, Correlativity, Personality, and the Emerging Consensus on Corrective Justice, 2 Theoretical Inquiries in L.