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Synonyms for correlativity

a reciprocal relation between two or more things

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All of the risks together made his conduct negligent, and liability for all of the harms caused by his negligent conduct is therefore consistent with both section 29 of the Restatement and the correlativity requirement.
To bridge the gap between a state's justification and its legitimacy, at least under something like the correlativity conception, requires an argument showing that citizens have a duty to obey states that have certain positive moral attributes (e.
By no means do I even want to attempt to untangle or interpret the "sophisticated" correlativity of exotic financial instruments embedded in this game such as collateralized debt obligations, pay option ARMs, and credit default swaps.
Thus, some have favored replacing correlativity with the word "converse" to signify the emphasis.
This correlativity is what truth consists in, defined by Husserl along with the Scholastics as the "adequation of intellect to the thing.
CARL WELLMAN, REAL RIGHTS 6 (1995); David Braybrooke, The Firm but Untidy Correlativity of Rights and Obligations, 1 CAN.
For, in the Church, there is always a correlativity of rights and obligations.
I call this relationship the correlativity of rights with duties.
Topics include a comparison between heuristics based on correlativity and efficiency for landmarker generation, first order logical neural networks, classification of gene expression in hereditary breast cancer, and a hybrid decision support system model for disaster management.
The joint development team looked at the relationship between the magneto-resistance (MR) ratio(*1) and resistance-area (RA)(*2) in the MTJ, and by further applying correlativity with read speed, the team established an original method of finding the optimal conditions for achieving high speed.
This is an implication of the correlativity requirement, under which liability should be imposed for harms which are the materialization of the risks that defined the injurer's conduct as negligent.
as well as whether Treasury yields will rise further will be key points to watch from now, because the correlativity of the currency market and the yield has risen recently,'' Yamashita said.
Correlativity analysis on de toxifying effect of Radix Glyzyrrhicae on Radix Aconiti preparata.
relation's allegiance to correlativity may be qualified by uniquely