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Synonyms for correlative

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlative

either of two or more related or complementary variables

mutually related

expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation

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Correlatively, Socrates' lack of such conceit, his "humility" in the face of lack of knowledge, grounds his moral wisdom.
Correlatively, the proportions of cars with six- and eightcylinder engines both declined from 1980 levels, to 29 and 20 percent, respectively.
The company correlatively reported that it has been awarded a supplier's contract for the FE-2 by the General Services Administration (GSA) of the United States of America.
Those authors would have preferred that the legal definition had started from creditor to debtor and from claim to debt, arguing that the ownership and other real rights were defined by attributes that they conferred upon their holder, and only correlatively, by their general duty of abstention (Pop et al, 2012: 12).
The Tractarian notion of an object is categorially indeterminate: in contrast with both Frege's and Russell's practices, it is not the logician's task to give a specific categorial account of the internal structure of elementary propositions or atomic facts, nor, correlatively, to give an account of the forms of simple objects.
and correlatively psychology also establishes its domain, does not prevent [the subjective and objective] from being conceived according to the same fundamental structure; on the contrary it requires that: they are finally two orders of objects, to be known in their intrinsic properties by a pure thought which determines what they are in themselves.
Correlatively, because they are trapped by a self-enclosed view of language, they never reach any source of consciousness or of transcendent meaning.
In its poetic fragmentation of Wilder's original work, and in its focus on Little House props and characters, the text highlights the constructedness of the representations in the books and, correlatively, their participation in larger discourses of American nationalism.
Correlatively, engagement with phenomena is equal to multiplication, segregation and propagation of the visible.
The two final chapters focus specifically on Caribbean literature: Walcott' Omeros is interpreted not only in relation to its now predictable Homeric intertext, but also--in what might be seen as a triangulating manoeuvre--in the light of the critical awareness of the role of tourism in Caribbean culture; Aime Cesaire and Simone Schwartz-Bart are explored illuminatingly through the spatial optic of scale and of a resistant irreducibility related to this, a novel approach which allows Melas to posit' a schema of inferiorization and, correlatively, the articulation of the grounds for a collective response to it' (p.
Correlatively, every kind of object with which consciousness can be engaged constitutes a kind of text.
3) The fear generated by this belief would be that we cannot prevent our thoughts from killing and injuring; or, correlatively, that we do not possess the imagination, or cannot summon the psychical and affective investments, to make the other fully human.
Whether, under the Constitution, the states have a right to secede, or, correlatively, whether the National Government has the right to use force to prevent the dissolution of the Union are interesting questions.
The "aesthetification" that she proposes consists in "a politicized view of aesthetic existence" and, correlatively.
An Introduction) establishes intersubjectivity as a basic structure of the human and correlatively the lifeworld as a non private property.