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Synonyms for correlative

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlative

either of two or more related or complementary variables

mutually related

expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation

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277) Correlatively, urban residents receive less help from neighbors than rural dwellers.
The unity of matter and form in a substantial complex like man is explained in terms of potentiality and actuality, which are to be understood correlatively.
At the same time, as I underline the little attention that has been dedicated to the category of character in poetry, undoubtedly a result of the traditional understanding of poetry as a modality heavily affected by the expression of authorial subjectivity, and, correlatively, the radical difference between the terms "person" and "character" owing to the restrictive placement of the character in the realm of literary fiction, and in particular, narrative and theater.
Smith, the contents of this important work, in the spirit of Deleuze himself pursue various lines of flight, stemming from the questions surrounding a Deleuzian ethics, which faces two specific fundamental challenges: (1) It rejects the comfortable transcendent principles of evaluation of post-Enlightenment theories of ethics, comfortable because they reassure us that at the end of the day, there is a fact of the matter about right and wrong, and justice will prevail; (2) Correlatively, Deleuze's ontology forbids the absolute freedom of the subject.
DCCE works correlatively to strengthen Dubai's capabilities in the field of reducing carbon emissions through the mechanism of clean development.
Correlatively, the continued emphasis on a shared commitment to Christ and apostolic morality serves favorably to diminish emphasis on the particulars that divide the Churches.
of service and, correlatively, that such contract does not constitute
Correlatively, an emphasis appears on portraiture, and on the artist including himself in the depicted imagery--a reflexive positioning of the individuality of the artist.
Reinhardt is a proponent of what Jeremy Bentham called "publicity" (147) and what Reinhardt terms "a duty to be open and forthcoming with the public, and, correlatively, to subject ourselves to criticism just like all the other members of a democratic society.
Correlatively, mission thought became more comprehensive, reflecting on the whole of God's intention and action through the church and in the world.
135) A general rule of finance is that higher risk creates higher return and correlatively that lower risk tends to create lower return.
Correlatively, it has occurred to me over the years that the ethical principle of respect for persons is influenced greatly by Western society's emphasis upon utilitarian individualism.
What follows, then, is a discussion of some predominant aspects of the constitution of Algerian selfhood, focusing on the twin themes, constitutive of much of contemporary Algerian history and correlatively of much Algerian cultural production, of the experiences of exile and war.
However, Pogge' s thesis is not sufficiently practical with regard to human rights, or correlatively, duties to realise human rights.
Robert Paul Wolff, to take one well-known example says that authority is the right to command, and correlatively, the right to be obeyed.