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Synonyms for correlative

something closely resembling or analogous to something else

Synonyms for correlative

either of two or more related or complementary variables

mutually related

expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation

References in classic literature ?
For suppose the correlative of 'the slave' should be said to be 'the man', or the correlative of 'the wing"the bird'; if the attribute 'master' be withdrawn from' the man', the correlation between 'the man' and 'the slave' will cease to exist, for if the man is not a master, the slave is not a slave.
Again, while the object of knowledge, if it ceases to exist, cancels at the same time the knowledge which was its correlative, the converse of this is not true.
When the terminology is thus correct, it is evident that all correlatives are interdependent.
Yet it does not appear to be true in all cases that correlatives come into existence simultaneously.
The patient tolerated the combination well and correlative analyses of blood samples, taken at specified time points, also indicated activity on leukemic blood cells.
Contract notice: atomic force microscope with open interfaces for the user-friendly upgrade of a 3d functionality with coupled confocal raman microscope for correlative microscopy
The National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) can be used as a leading indicator predicting stock index and unemployment rates in advance, given they are correlative, according to the Korea Productivity Center (KPC) surveying one of Korea's major consumer satisfaction indexes.
Correlative workflows connect light, digital, and electron microscopes for more meaningful analysis.
Heritability of these traits, genetic correlations and correlative heritability between these traits and drought resistance were analyzed.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 22, 2016-Champions Oncology begins prospective correlative trial in sarcoma patients
M2 PHARMA-January 22, 2016-Champions Oncology begins prospective correlative trial in sarcoma patients
In this paper, the correlative coefficient is used to select relevant IMFs to extract useful spectral information.
By introducing the correlation into the traditional strength reduction finite element method, the nonproportional correlative reduction finite element method for slope strength parameters is proposed.
The temperature-controlled CMS196 Correlative Microscopy Stage by Linkam Scientific Instruments allows scientists to keep a sample vitrified at a constant--196 C in its own chamber, avoiding contamination, while enabling the full workflow of CLEM.
Further analysis is now a question of statistical inference and correlative evidence.