correlation matrix

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a matrix giving the correlations between all pairs of data sets

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However, we conducted a previous analysis to confirm this, which consisted in comparing Pearson's correlation matrix and the polychoric correlation matrix obtained, confirming that the differences among the coefficients, always in favour of the polychoric correlation matrix, do not exceed in any case a 0.
Other values in the correlation matrix are interesting from a pure discussion standpoint and might be worthy of more detailed analysis in the future.
Our estimated correlation matrix of the six countries' instantaneous mortality indexes, [[SIGMA].
Allow decision makers to choose preferred linguistic variables to perform the relationship matrix assessments according to strong or weak relations between each customer need and solution scheme pair, and thus make correlation matrix assessments according to the positive or negative relevance between each pair of solution schemes.
The Pearson product-moment correlation matrix (Table 1A) shows that all of these variables are highly correlated with each other.
The correlation matrix of variables also is available as an option under SAS Proc Reg (Figure 4) or in JMP.
Principal component analysis (PCA) was then performed to extract the latent roots and vectors of the correlation matrix, and scores of independent principal components (PCs) were computed.
Construct the correlation matrix C from scalar products of the snapshots [y.
In order to estimate the cost as a function of the original variables, the eigenvectors of the correlation matrix are multiplied in MVLR coefficients (B coefficients).
The key first step will be the calculation of the correlation matrix for each of the scales.
STA], the vertical elevation (m) during the SJ and CMJ, and the chronometric data on the BMX track were analyzed using a correlation matrix (Statistica 7.
Section IV reports the trend analysis, correlation matrix, ADF test results and causality test results followed by conclusion in Section V.
In addition to the correlation matrix, regression and ANOVA is done to determine the strength of the statistical relationships between the number of shares and the other measures of entity size such as total assets and sales.
The Bartlett test of sphericity was used to verify the null hypothesis, according to which the correlation matrix is an identity matrix.
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