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The range correlation coefficient of Spearman, rs, is calculated by using the ranges as pairs of observations of the two variables, which are called x and y in the formula, in order to obtain the following coefficient:
The genetic and phenotypic correlation coefficients of the five indicator traits with the six target traits are presented in Table 3.
In order to investigate the statistical relation of malaria and dengue cases with ENSO in SEA region, Pearson's correlation coefficients between malaria and dengue, and ENSO are listed in Table 1.
Phenotype correlation coefficients for all traits in DG and GD are shown in Tables 2 and 3, respectively.
Correlation coefficients are calculated considering two overlapping images during the relative orientation of photogrammetric processes in the following way (Hanke, Grussenmeyer Corfu 2002):
Calculate the correlation coefficient between these two variables; how do you interpret this value?
A correlation coefficient (r value 0 to 1) was computed for each graph and judged to be significant if the p value was less than 0.
In the two hypothetical situations illustrated in Figure 1, the Spearman's rho correlation coefficients with and without including the outlier are 0.
Nevertheless, range of correlation coefficients values is to be picked up each time complicating the work.
05 indicates that there is either 99% or 95% probability that correlation coefficients are meaningful.
After processing the TOA data of all 16 meteorological stations comparing the same day results of the measurement and the monthly average values, and after calculating the linear correlation coefficients between TOA data of Lithuania and neighbouring countries, it was revealed that in general, the variation tendencies of measurement results taken at Kaunas Meteorological Station were similar to annual variation tendencies of the investigated neighbouring countries: many of 201 linear correlation coefficients had a strong correlation--more than 0.
The child:mother PFAA ratio was stratified by possible determinants, and results were summarized as geometric mean ratios and correlation coefficients between mother-child pairs, overall and within strata.
The relationships between temperature observations at these two sites are analysed on the basis of correlation coefficients and linear regressions.
The continuous measures taken from the two sites will show a high level of similarity if Pearson correlation coefficients are > 0.
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