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However, the adjusted Pearson's correlation coefficient and both adjusted and unadjusted ICCs for the mean BAC levels were below the good reliability cut-off of .
The last two rows of Table 6 show that during the postwar period, the correlation coefficient is more likely to be positive during recessions and more likely to be negative during expansions.
Similarly, the Western Pacific low-mortality population exhibited the third lowest correlation coefficient, and the two African populations the two lowest correlation coefficients, for both mortality and morbidity in all four sources.
The correlation coefficient between daily yield changes of nominal and TIIS securities was at first negative but later on fluctuated between 0.
Results indicated that the computational fluid dynamics model well matched the experimental results, especially for the pressure treatments at 100 MPa and 150 MPa, which showed the highest correlation coefficient of 0.
However, it was found that the correlation coefficient for the Sitka spruce finger-jointed wood specimen was slightly lower than that of red pine; this can be attributed to the narrower range of static MOE in Sitka spruce wood used in this study.
Therefore, the correlation coefficient measures the degree of line association between two variables.
In order to calculate the calculation formula of this correlation coefficient, let's accept, for both variables, the inferior-medium-superior classification.
of Ballarat) gently introduce the basic concepts of measurement, probability, data management, descriptive statistics and graphics, research design, the art of critiquing the statistics presented by others, inferential statistics, the t-test, the correlation coefficient, categorical data, nonparametric statistics, the general linear model, extensions of analysis of variance, multiple linear regression and other types of regression, and applications in business, quality improvement, medicine, epidemiology, education and psychology.
Trading Day Date Impulses Interval Begin End Begin End DJIA DJTA DJUA 36-56 1 5000 05/28/36 05/21/56 415 427 395 56-76 5001 10000 05/22/56 05/03/76 376 528 500 60-80 6001 11000 05/11/60 04/17/80 409 522 491 64-84 7001 12000 05/04/64 03/30/84 469 496 481 68-88 8001 13000 04/24/68 03/16/88 541 510 507 72-92 9001 14000 05/16/72 02/28/92 497 466 477 76-96 10001 15000 05/04/76 02/13/96 514 446 441 80-00 11001 16000 04/18/80 01/31/00 525 393 458 84-04 12001 17000 04/02/84 01/26/04 470 378 521 Table 2: Correlation coefficient values for the impulse response function of each interval correlated with the first interval 36-56 for each Dow Jones Average.
Table 1: Coefficients of Correlation between 1-12 partials of Synthesized and Recorded Tone 'C1' Partial Number Correlation coefficient 1 0.
In addition, the article should have explained what a correlation coefficient is, what role it plays, and why the homeowner asked for it.
Therefore an attempt has been made to correlate arsenic and iron for the zones and well depths where correlation coefficient between arsenic and iron concentration is higher.
The effect of the correlation coefficient across volatility spread begins to take effect for relatively high level of the correlation coefficient.