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Table 2 Pearson Correlation Coefficient for the concurrent validity of the screening checklist
The first method involves determining correlation coefficient between an alternative and the ideal alternative.
In fact, the correlation coefficient for German HPI and WAP is -0.
There was a significant correlation between the adherence level over the preceding week and on the preceding day (the Spearman correlation coefficient, r=0.
The relative efficiency of selection for drought resistance in breeding work can be understood by the combined analysis of genetic correlation coefficient and heritability.
Correlation between scores of two clinicians on HAM-D-U was developed by using spearman correlation coefficient for inter-rater reliability.
Path coefficient analysis: Correlation coefficient measures the mutual association between two variables but does not permit the cause and effect relationship of traits contributing directly or indirectly towards economic yield.
Through the correlations obtained in this study it was determined that the correlation coefficient between L* and b*, had a reduction of 68.
As both regression coefficients are negative, we must assign a negative sign to the corresponding correlation coefficient (i.
The maximum possible value for the correlation coefficient is +1.
The cell counts obtained by the improved Neubauer chamber method and with the Sysmex XT-4000i were compared using the correlation coefficient.
A correlation coefficient analysis data tool pack within Microsoft Excel[R] was used to determine correlation coefficients between the variables listed in Table 2.
Using correlation calculator, the correlation coefficient of 0.
n] energies, correlation peak indicates the correlation coefficient