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mutually related

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Astringency positively correlated with malic acid, total acids and sour taste.
In contrast, increasing synovial volume correlated with severity of knee osteoarthritis by KL score.
The identification of correct functional hypotheses is negatively correlated with the order in which Helen appears (rs = -.
It is on these servers that compresses and processes incoming event data, conducts real-time correlated alerts, and executes centralized event repository analyses utilizing both primary and Centera storage.
Course in the Physics of Correlated Electron Systems & High-Tc Superconductors (9th: 2004: Salerno, Italy) Ed.
We examined elevation because it is a single measurement that is highly correlated with other, more biologically relevant factors that may influence host and vector distributions, such as temperature, rainfall, and distribution of major vegetation types (18).
In the 58 skulls collected between 1999 and 2002, exposure to total PCB compounds and to chlordane (a now-banned insecticide) both correlated with low bone mineral density among younger bears.
MRI findings of bone marrow edema, bone erosion, soft tissue change, and synovial proliferation significantly correlated with patients' pain and swelling scores and combined scores on the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Clinical Scoring System, while joint effusion and bone proliferation did not show significant correlation.
Scores on these correlated items yielded a single factor, which Spearman called the general or g factor, that he deemed to be a marker of a person's facility for reasoning about any and all mental tasks.
BALTIMORE -- Patients with either Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia have a lower level of interhemispheric brain connectivity that is correlated with a smaller size in specific areas of the corpus callosum, Dr.
Levels of STD knowledge were only weakly correlated with respondents' age and perception of their STD knowledge.
The specific gravity is typically included on the chart and can be easily correlated to the numerical evaluation.
Results from large studies showed that CD4 T cell count correlated with risk of HIV disease progression--the lower the count, the more likely someone was to develop a severe life-threatening disease or die.
That, in turn, correlated with the ratios of optical densities of the 1330 cm-1 to 1270 cm-1 bands in the infrared spectra of residual lignins.
To give a more elaborate definition, diversification may be defined as combining assets which are less than perfectly correlated in order to reduce portfolio risk without sacrificing portfolio returns.