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Synonyms for corrective

Synonyms for corrective

something that corrects or counteracts

Synonyms for corrective

a device for treating injury or disease

designed to promote discipline

tending or intended to correct or counteract or restore to a normal condition

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How can this be measured correctively and individually, to improve outcomes for competent practitioners and for patient safety?
But then Michael Coren wrote correctively of "Hollywood's double standard:" "I'm far [angrier] with Hollywood than I am with Mel Gibson, who is now the talk of a Hollywood boycott.
CAE's projects aim to correctively demystify biotechnology through "appropriation of the products and processes developed by imperial powers.
The suggestions form correctively conditioned responses to triggers.
Once discovered by reflection and systematized, rules of inductive logic (16) can be used directively and correctively in the scientific investigation of nature.
Schwartz moves easily between this intellectual background and the imaginative text, and what emerges is a new way of reading the novel, one that shows Lewis correctively yet also constructively engaged with the popular evolutionary thinking of his own day.