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Synonyms for corrective

Synonyms for corrective

something that corrects or counteracts

Synonyms for corrective

a device for treating injury or disease

designed to promote discipline

tending or intended to correct or counteract or restore to a normal condition

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To the question, whether Juvenile Justice Act in India be made punitive or corrective, I would answer make it correctively punitive.
As you read this, a lesbian is being correctively raped in South Africa--or in Richmond, California.
The President dismissed the available historical record of Abdalla the Gatherer as "Orientalist" garbage, and promised the crowd in Garri government-led efforts to correctively rewrite Sudanese history, then announced the establishment of an Islamic centre in Garri carrying the name of Ajeeb al-Manjuluk with the aim of countering the vices of drugs, illicit sexual behaviour, Westernisation and the internet.
For example, in applying the Rowley reasonably calculated test to an IEP that the parents had successfully challenged at the hearing, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals correctively concluded:
Despite designation by means of the same (verbal) term, there are two distinct kinesic Figures, which manifest their own predicate and, correctively, their own actant.
If, as Selzer argues, Oxherding errs by "de-emphasiz[ing] the political struggles of the Civil War" (229), then Johnson's next novel, the National Book Award-winning Middle Passage, turns toward a reappropriated cosmopolitanism as a means of correctively recentering considerations of public citizenship.
Little or nothing to contain the momentum is evident; no inner check, as it were, is deemed an appropriate measure to be applied correctively to our expansive temperament and mischievous habits.
The notion of correctively hearing 'Other' harmonic systems so that they conformed with the western harmonic system was criticised as arrogantly universalising the western self.
Butterfly Burning not only records and imagines African histories omitted from conventional history books, but simultaneously and correctively addresses European or Western history, which has been lopsided, partial and partisan in its conception of world history.
The comic provokes laughter insofar as it exposes, correctively, the process of mechanization to which positivist thought, in its reliance on rationality, subjects life.
The error correction coefficient of the financial development vector is also statistically significant and correctively signed, and its magnitude shows the speed of adjustment of financial development toward its long-run equilibrium.